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kitchen, wooden floor, wooden dining set with green bench, white plank wall, white subway backsplash wall, white bottom cabinet, white apron sink, green cabinet, rattan pendant Moo Decor

Kithen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Kitchen With Open Shelves, White Fridge, White Pendants, Wooden Dining Table With White Chairs
Kitchen, White Floor Tiles, White Rug, Wooden Dining Set With Lack Metal Legs, White Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, Black White Backsplash, Rattan Pendant, Open Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Herringbone Floor Tiles, Wooden Island With Metal Rod, Grey Pendant, Wooden Boards Bottom Cabinet, Floating Sheles, Dining Table Set
Kitchen, White Floor, Wooden Table With Silver Top, Colored Metal Chairs, Green Wooden Island, White Wall, Green Pendants, Grey Cabinet
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Set With Green Bench, White Plank Wall, White Subway Backsplash Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, White Apron Sink, Green Cabinet, Rattan Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Wooden Table With Black Chairs And Bench, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs With Rattan Seat, Green Bottom Cabinet, White Open Brick Wall, Wooden Open Floating Shelves, White Wooden Striped Ceiling
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Backsplash Tiles, White Wall, Open Shelves, Wooden Table With Wired Chairs, Wired Pendants
Kitchen, Brown Floor, Wooden Dining Set With Black Chairs, White Upper And Bottom Cabinet, Rattan Chandelier
Kitchen, Warm Floor Tiles, White Color, Open Shelves, Wooden Dining Table

Kitchen can be a great place to socialize especially when the dining table is also in the room. Not only for dining, this table can also offer a place for those who would like to take the work or study there. This way, it makes the kitchen a place where anyone in the house would want to come. That is why it’s an endearing idea to make kitchens look as warm as possible. These traditional kitchens below will give you inspirations on creating warm ambiance in the kitchen.

White and Wood
White color and wooden material are probably most popular combination in most of styles. In this traditional kitchen, the combination is palpably beautiful. The white background is warmed by the wooden material seen in the open shelves, floor, dining table, even the pendant with rattan.

Traditional Look
In this kitchen with old look wooden dining table, the atmosphere is so warm. The green bottom cabinet puts color on the neutral background efficiently. The open shelves gives welcoming feeling.

Rustic Modern
In this open room, the atmosphere can be really different, one area to one area. In the warm living room and dining table, it feels modern while in the kitchen, it feels rustic farmhouse. The use of wooden material is seen in many parts of the kitchen from the bottom cabinet with wooden boards, open brick wall, floating shelves, and incredible island with metal rod o hang the kitchen utensils.

Traditional and Modern
Although it seems like a clash, it’s actually more like a combination. A pretty one too. The smooth white surface in the floor, wall, and ceiling puts a great spotlight for the things inside. The green wooden island, the grey bottom cabinet, the interesting traditional dining set create traditional ambiance in the middle of modern set.

Traditional White
This one presents a really pretty white kitchen that expose warmth perfectly well. Although a room with too much white can be too stark and cold, this one here brings in wooden dining set and rattan pendant to create warmth.

Comfortable Dining
A large and spacious kitchen is a great privilege to have in a house. And this one here does not waste the chance to create a comfortable kitchen plus dining table. With white traditional kitchen ambiance, the middle of the kitchen is put a wooden dining set also with a strong traditional look.

Warm Traditional
This one also gives out a warm atmosphere with wooden material all over the place. The white kitchen looks comfortable while the wooden dining table looks interesting surrounded by black chairs and bench.

Snugly Small
While the previous one looks amazing with its large space, this one here look amazing with its limited space. The small kitchen area is open to the dining area. Both are with white colors. The dining set looks pretty with its details.

Old and Traditional
While the previous one mostly has the modern look, this one here gives out old ambiance. The uneven surface on the wall, the clothe pendants, and the old looking architecture give a bridge down to the memory lane, especially for those who love old looking building like castle.

Modern Farmhouse
This one here looks modern and elegant with neutral and minimalist details on the cabinet. However, the rattan chandelier and wooden dining table brings farmhouse along. It is perfect for you who love to combine both.

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