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full height glass window gray sofa coffee table rug area high ceiling white wood panel fireplace medum tone wooden floor open shelves Quilter Construction

Hardwood Floor Gray Leather Sofa Gray Couch Glass Desk Rug Area Chandelier Home Bar Gray Wall Bar Stools
White Wall White Couch Beige Sofa White Coffee Table Stools Rug Area Room Divider Standing Lamp Gold Sconce Eat In Space Pendant Light Hardwood Floor
Gray Wall Brown Sofa Avocado Throw Sofa Ottoman Coffee Table Rug Area Chandelier Fireplace Marble Mantel Wooden Floor
Full Height Glass Window Gray Sofa Coffee Table Rug Area High Ceiling White Wood Panel Fireplace Medum Tone Wooden Floor Open Shelves
Gray Sofa Thin Legs Gray Coffee Table Gray Wall Gray Floor Marble Fireplace Floor Lamps Gray Curtain
Blue Sofa Freestanding Desk Side Chair Rug Area Wall Decoration Floor Lamp Throw Pillow Hite Curtain
Wooden Floor Gray Sofa Beige Sofa Beige Wall Coffee Table Armchair Fireplace Coral Colour Built In TV Wall Sconce Standing Lamp
Gray Porcelain Floor Gray Wall White Sofa Freestanding Desk Blue Vase Gray Concrete Stairs Chandelier Gray Bar Stools Home Bar
White Sofa Freestanding Desk Patterned Ottoman Couch Rug Area Marble Floor Full Height Door Wall Decoration
Gray Curtain Exposed Beams Gray Couch White Sofa Freestanding Desk Rug Area Full Sized Glass Window Chandelier Wooden Floor Fireplace

As one of main parts in our house, living room designed in trendy and stylish model is considerably needed. The stylish living room does not only serve the comfort for our guest but also provide beauty satisfaction for us as the home owner. Hence, to add your inspiration in designing the living room, here are ten ideas of stylish transitional living room.

Full in Modesty

It is contemporary transitional living room with high ceiling, hardwood floor and full-height glass window. Contrasted with white wall, the brown color of sofa suits the floor tone and it is mesmerizing combination. The standard fireplace is installed with wood-paneled upholster.

Contemporary Minimalist Living Room

The transitional living in minimalist style with two-faced contemporary sofa with thin legs. The coffee table is also exceptionally stunning with its custom design. The repeating color of the sofa to the curtain and it goes stronger on the wall. The fireplace with marble surround is installed with two impressive floor lamps.

Eclectic Transitional Living Room

Transitional living in white color with white couch, patterned x-stools and beige sofa. To contrast the white ambiance, some golden furniture are applied: the floor lamp and the ceiling lighting fixture. What interesting in this room is the functional room divider in the form of cabinet. It is lovely idea of living room.

Transitional Blue Living Room

The transitional living room with stunning blue sofa contrasted with the white coffee desk and throw pillows. It is simple yet stylish idea of living room where you only have two main theme of colors. To enrich the tone of this living room, some wall decoration shall be applied.

Transitional Compact Living Room

The transitional living room in compacted space with gray main sofa and coral theme. Beside the gray sofa, you may add the patterned ottoman and the white sofa to make this room more indifferent. The standard fireplace is installed along with the built-in TV above it.

Elegant Living Space

Dark color as the main theme of this living room has made it into elegant stylish transitional open living room with home bar next to tit. Beside the gray sofa, this room also has the coffee-colored seat. To avoid the boring nuance, the bar stools designed in animal pelt idea and the textured backsplash is chosen.

To The Entrance View

The transitional living room that is directly overlooking the entrance. It serves you with the long white sofa, freestanding coffee table and ottoman. Some wall decorations matching the main tone color are applied to make this room more adorable.

San Fransisco Open Concept Living Room

The living room with exposed beams and light wood floor is totally impressing the viewer by its look. It is breathtaking to see how beautiful the repeating color of curtain and the couch.

Edmonton Gray Living Room

The transitional open concept living room in two-storey house with gray theme on the wall and the floor. The living room is designed next to the home bar facing the stairs. It has some white sofa completed with some colored vases to make this room more alluring.

Trendy Living Room

It is transitional enclosed living room with two main colors: avocado and brown with stunning chandelier and impressive rug area.


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