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different tribal patterns on stairs Paint + Pattern

Tribal Pattern On Pillows, Brown Leather Sofa, Rattan Ottoman, Rattan Square Stools With White Cushion, Square Coffee Table Glass Top, Rug
Bedroom, White Floor, Light Blue Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, Black And White Tribal Bedding, Side Table, White Floor Lamp
Living Room, White Floor, Colorful Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Blue Sofa, Colorful Pillows
Living Room, White Rug, Green Velvet Sofa, Round Coffee Table, Black And White Tribal Wallpaper
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Colorful Tribal Pattern White Bedding, Mirrored Side Cabinet, Tribal Blanket, Orange Bench
Dark Brown Cabinet With Tribal Pattern On The Front Cover
Brown Wooden Cabinet With Tribal Stencile Pattern, White Wall
Different Tribal Patterns On Stairs
Black Kitchen Cabinet With White Tribal Pattern, White Open Brick Wall, Black Marble Top, Wooden Floor
Light Brown Drawers On Cabinet With Different Tribal Pattern On Each Drawers

In 2018, there are many trends that has stayed throughout the year. One of them is tribal pattern. Turns out, this year, tribal pattern or geometric pattern has raised its own popularity. It might be the unique pattern and the warm feeling over it. To seen how pretty they are inside the house, let’s see some of the inspirations here.


Tribal Drawers

As tribal pattern is sometimes stenciled on the wood, it is understandable that cabinet is one of the popular item with tribal pattern. Seen here a wooden cabinet with drawers that has beautiful tribal pattern on the surface. It’s contrast yet soft color compliments the wooden cabinet perfectly well.


Many Patterns 

Approaching similar method, this one here too has tribal patterns on the drawers. However, this lighter brown cabinet has different pattern in each level that it looks merry and beautiful in details.


Dark Cabinet

Still on the cabinet line, this one here too offers a console cabinet with more detailed tribal pattern. Seen here, the pattern is more detailed and complicated. And this is a great addition to a bohemian and rustic style room.


On the Kitchen

While it looks good in a cabinet in the living room, it also looks good in the kitchen cabinet. Seen here is black kitchen cabinets with white tribal pattern that looks striking on its dark background. This cabinet is a great match for the white brick wall and black marble top.


Colorful Chair

Although the previous ones show a dark and rather monochrome tribal pattern, this one here is a prove that tribal pattern can also used in more colorful notion. Seen in a chair, it is a perfect touch to the bedroom with neutral look.


Tribal Bedding

Still in a bedroom, this one here depicts a comfortable black and white bedding with tribal patterns. With soft look bedroom, this tribal bedding gives a stronger touch to impress.


Tribal on Stairs

This one here is a beautiful work on stenciled stairs. In each steps, the tribal patterns seen are all different. Stenciled on a dark wooden stairs, this makes the stairs look amazingly exotic. It looks like it has a strong spirit in its drawing.


Big on Wall 

To have a big pattern, it means a large scale of canvas will be needed. In order to do that, the patterns will need wall. And this one here shows how strong tribal pattern is in the wall. With its monochrome color, the room can be arranged in any other color easily, like green.


Tribal Pillows

Although pillows are small items, in many quantities, it holds a strong notion. It is comfort and sometimes colorful touch. Seen in this African inspired living room, tribal pillows holds the key point to the look. It explains how exotic the room is.


Colorful Rugs

Another common item that is easily seen with tribal pattern is rug. And it can come in many colors too. Sometimes it is soft and sometimes it is bold. This one here uses bold rug to strengthen the cheerful note on the room.

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