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small kitchen wih blue cabinet with black top, small square table with wooden rattan chairs, tropical leaves wallpaper Toronto Interior Design Group

Kitchen With White Marble Top And Copper Chairs, White Wall, Coconut Plants Wallpaper
Open Room Of Living Room, Kitchen, And Dining Room With Rattan Chairs, Wooden Table With Leaves Patterned Table Cloth
Kitchen Dining Room With Wooden Square Table, Colorful Chairs, Rattan Chandelier With Fruit, Wooden Kithecenette, Bamboo Racks, Bamboo Couch
Large Kitchen With Mozaics Backsplash Picturing The Depth Of The Sea, White Top Cabinet, White Island, White Top Sink
Small Kitchen Wih Blue Cabinet With Black Top, Small Square Table With Wooden Rattan Chairs, Tropical Leaves Wallpaper
Kitchen With Brown Marble Top Wooden Island, White Cabinets On Top And Floor, Flower Marble Backsplash
Kitchenette With Mosaics Backsplash, In The Middle Of The Backsplash Is Coconut Trees View, Dark Wooden Cabinet On Top And Below
Kitchen Dining Room With Marble Top Island, Red Wall, Long Square Diner Table, Colorful Chairs, Colorful Plants Cushioned Couch, Flower Patterned Pillow
Kitchen In White With White Marble Top Island And Blue Coconut Leaves Patterned Chairs
Dining Room With Corner White Bench With Leaves Patterned Cushion, White Round Table

The year 2018 has been marked with so many characteristics in interior design. One of them is the popularity of plants pattern that especially influences how the room looks. One of the things that go as popular as plants pattern is tropical theme. Carrying the same principle in going on with natural living things, tropical look is bright, warm, bold, and fun. And when you put it in your kitchen, you will have a great moment to spend in your cooking or dining.

Tropical Kitchen – Dining Room

In this picture below, the feel of tropical is not only showed on the furniture but also in the wide and airy room. In this open room of kitchen and dining room, you can see a chandelier made of rattan and decorated with fake fruits outside. Although it is not everybody’s style, this decoration itself.


Coconut Trees on the Wall

The other thing that you can do to gain tropical look in your kitchen is by putting a bold wallpaper of tropical plants. You can do it just like this picture below. Coconut trees are one of the symbols of tropical nature and it will make your wall merry and thus, your kitchen is too.


Tropical Green Leaves on Big Wall

This one is also another example of putting big wallpaper of tropical leaves that will you’re your kitchen more joyful. With this wallpaper, you will bring attention to it more thus bring the attention to the merry thing in the room.


Kitchen Dining Room with Colorful Hint of Tropical

Another way of putting a hint of tropical theme is in the pillow that you can gather in the couch, or even better and bolder, put the couch with tropical theme in your kitchen, like this picture below. With this already colorful and bold room, the flowery couch is just in the right place. It completes the look with positive ambience.


Dining Room with Greens

In this corner dining room, you can see that the cushion of the bench has been really striking. With its ladybug in green, it brings also the tropical feeling to this room. All white background only gives it much more pronounced display on the room.


Blue Coconut Leaves

This is another use of leaves patterned chairs on the white kitchen. With blue coconut leaves patterned chairs, the room is much brighter. It brings a different feel compared to if the chairs are taken out.


Under the Sea

If you are not comfortable with leaves patterns and prefer something cooler, you can try under the sea view to decorate your kitchen. This kitchen here has worked on spectacular job by putting under the sea on their backsplash. And it’s not only that. They also made it from mosaics.


Coconut Trees on Backsplash

This is another example on putting your tropical accessories on your backsplash. And again, they made it with mosaics that will make your backsplash look even more textured. Although, compared to the previous one, the backsplash are not entirely on tropical picture as it is only the part where the stove is seen.


Plants and Flowers on Backsplash

This is similar to the previous ones but it does not use mosaics in creating the picture on the backsplash. Rather, it uses ceramic or marbles by the look of it. And while it sends the same message of tropical look on the kitchen, it also actually is easier to clean up.


Green Green Leaves on the Table

Besides all those ways, you can always bring tropical feeling on the simple matter like table cloth on your dining table. With that, the dining room will get fresher.

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