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cement trough sink with two faucets on top of brown wooden cabinet Concreteworks East

White Trough Sinks On Top Of Brown Cabinet With Two Silver Faucets
Trough Sink In White Marble With Low Depth And Two Faucets
Traditional Trough Sink With White Inside And Dark Outside With Double Faucets
White Marble Trough Sink Placed On Top Of Wooden Cabinet With Double Faucet
Cement Top Trough Sinks With Curtain Under
Square Trough Sink From The Marble Vanity With Metal Net Inside And Two Faucets
Trough Sink In White In Nude Top Sink With Two Silver Faucets Installed In The Wall Under The Mirror
Cement Trough Sink With Two Faucets On Top Of Brown Wooden Cabinet
White Curvy Trough Sink With Double Faucets Installed Inside The Higher Area Of The Sink
White Glossy Trough Sink With Curved Adn Low Depth, Two Sleek Faucets

Just like everything in designs, each detail that you want to put into your room has so wide variety. For sinks, besides the kinds you usually see, there is also a variety of trough sinks that with its unique character will make your bathroom has its own characteristics. Here below are some examples of sleek lined sinks with two faucets that will make your room brightened.

Sleek Trough Sinks

If you are looking for something modern with sleek lines, trough sinks can be your best choice. With their sleek lines, your vanity will look crisp and tidy. With two faucets, it can be used with other people.

Curved Faucets

This is another trough sinks with clean lines that you will love. With its low depth will make it more modern and easy to clean. The curved faucets give a statement for the sinks to be not strict.

Simpler Trough Sinks

Trough sinks have been simple enough with all the sleek and straight lines. But this one in the picture is even simpler with its low depth. This will look really good in a room with strong character.

With Some Depth

Contrary with the previous design, in this picture, the trough sink does indeed have some depth that you cannot see the bottom. Even if the faucets are placed rather high on the wall, the water splash will stay inside the sink.

With Towel Rack

As simple as trough sink can be, you can add another detail to your sink, like double faucets, or towel rack on the cabinet under the sink. and instead of put trough sink on top of vanity bigger than the sink, putting it on top of the cabinet with the same size gives compact feeling to it. It looks ergonomic.

Metal Net inside the Sink

If you have quite a large sink, here’s a great idea: putting a metal net to it so that you can put things you want without it become wet and damp or moldy.

Curvy Trough Sink

If square trough sink has bored you with its sleek line, you can see the curvy ones like in this. The design does not allow you to get bored. The double faucets can be installed inside the sink on the higher part.

Curtains Under

This one is really simple with cement made trough sink without any cabinets or table under it. Or even if there is, the owner put some curtains to cover it making it like it’s floating.

Cement Made

This is another trough sink made of cement. Although people might think it is undesirable, the grey color looks great with brown wooden cabinet and wall. It actually brings raw feeling to it.

Traditional Trough Skin

This is for people who love to go with traditional theme. This kind of sink looks great when it’s placed with minimalist bathroom. With the right lighting, the room looks pretty.

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