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bathroom, white patterned tiny floor tiles, white ceiling, arche, flowery curtain, green curtain on the window, white tub, white chair, clear glass pendant Decozilla

Bathroom, Patterned Blue White Yellow Tiles On Floor, White Wainscoting, Blue Wallpaper, Blue Vanity With White Top, White Toilet, White Curtain, Chandelier, White Sconce
Bathroom, Brown Floor Tiles, Grey Wall, Lace Curtain, Gey Tub With White Inside, White Detailed Mirror, Rattan Basket,floating Shelves
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Arch, Black Tub, Golden Curtain On Black Rod, Black Mat
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Ceiling, Pink Curtain, Pink Tub, White Wall, Door, Chandelier
Bathroom, With Black And White Checkered Floor, White Wall, White Curtain, White Tub, White Wooden Cabinet, Round Tray Table
Bathroom, White Patterned Tiny Floor Tiles, White Ceiling, Arche, Flowery Curtain, Green Curtain On The Window, White Tub, White Chair, Clear Glass Pendant
Bathroom, Checkered Floor, Beige Wall, Beige Fireplace, Beige Wooden Chair With Cushion, Beige Curtain, Grey Tub, Wooden Slab Side Table
Bathroom, Patterned Floor Tiles, Brown Exotic Arch, White Tub
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Sloping Ceiling, Curtain, Window
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Curtain, Grey Tub, Grey Wooden Vanity

Decorating a bathroom can be a fun and calming thing to do. It is fun because you will try to create a place where you can put anything you want, patterned tiles, curtains, windows, mirror, vanity, etc. It is calming because you will create a place where you can relax after a long day. If you love a relaxing and elegant bathroom, you will love the combination of curtain and bathtub. And these below are some beautiful inspirations you will fall in love with.

Shabby Vibe
This one here shows an adorable look with shabby look seen in the white curtain, white tub, and white wooden cabinet. The calm and neutral look is balanced with the checkered patterns on the floor.

Modern Shabby
Similar to the previous one, this one here also gives shabby vibe. It is seen through the lace curtain and white ornate detailed mirror. And this is balanced with the smooth and clean lines seen on the tub and wall.

Elegant Bathroom
If you have high ceiling bathroom, adding curtain to your tub would make it look really graceful and elegant, like this one here. The tall curtain rod makes the tub have some layered private partition. The cushioned chair strengthen the elegant look.

Grey Bathroom
If you love to play minimalism, you can add this curtain to add some accent. This one here goes with grey color on the room and adds curtain to prettify the overall look. The bathroom looks modern and minimalist still, even though it has the dramatic curtain.

Exotic Bathroom
Adding curtain does not always have to be in near proximity of the tub itself. It can be installed in the area of the tub whether it’s small or spacious. This one here puts curtain to separate the bathroom and the bed, true. However, it still has the pretty combination of curtain and tub. And, installed under exotic arch like this one makes the bathroom looks really vibrant.

Elegant Blue
This bathroom with blue hue on the floor and wall has created its elegance with the soft color. Adding curtain to the built-in tub in the alcove has made the room even more elegant. The chandelier on the ceiling has put the perfect touch.

Classic Elegance
Classic style has always elegance in it. And if you try to create elegance through classic style, you would got it quite perfectly. This one here shows an incredible design with its classic black tub with ornament on the body. Placed under the curve rich and put in private with curtain has made it classier.

Flowery Curtain
This one her combines elegance with flowery patterns on the curtain. It makes the space rich and colorful that it is not only elegant but also fun.

Open Bathroom
This one here is similar with the exotic one in term of the openness of the bathroom. The curtain is placed to give some privacy to the bathroom as there is no door. In the sloping ceiling, the curtain can beautifully be different here.

Pink Rustic
This one here shows a rustic bathroom with pink curtain and pink tub. The contrast of two elements yet the blends of the color makes this bathroom a pretty sight.

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