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Bathroom, White Wall, Patterned Wall, White Tub With Light Blue Inside, Claw Foot, White Curtain On Round Rod, Wooden Floor
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, White Cabinet Vanity, White Counter Top, White Toilet, Round Rattan Framed Mirror
Bathroom, White Rug, Grey Cupboard, Pink Curtain, Grey Tub With White Inside
Bathroom, Patterned Floor, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Tub Curtain, White Tub, White Framed Window, White Toilet
Bathroom, Light Wooden Floor, White Wall, Hologram Colored Tub Curtain
Bathroom, Brick Herringbone Floor Tiles, White Wooden Wall Plank, Golden Rod, Golden Ring,white Tub Curtain
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Round Wooden Rod, Pull Down Curtain, Wooden Partition
Bathroom, White Wall Tiles, White Floor Tiles, Green Leaves Wallpaper, Clear Curtain With Pink Color
Bathroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Tall Tub Curtain, White Tub

Adding decoration in the room surely helps the room to create a more complex ambiance. Textures and pattern all have its significance in creating a certain look in the room. So, even though it’s only curtain on the tub, it can bring a whole different finish to a bathroom. Here below are ten stunning bathrooms with tub curtain that make you fall in love.

Modern Bathroom
In this modern bathroom, the white and rumpled tub curtain obviously brings some sweet look to the minimalist space with white subway tiles and white tub and toilet. The tub curtain brings its surrounding to not look too rigid.

Straight Rod
While the previous one shows rather a round rod to hold the curtain, this one here puts a straight one for the curtain and it makes an easier slide when it is up to sue. The white surrounding makes it blend well.

Pull Up and Down
This one here puts an interesting curtain above the tub. The rod is circular and the curtain itself is not to be slide to the side but by being pull down. This interesting and retro setting in the bathroom look amazing in its traditional and retro look.

Pretty Round
If you love something pretty and sweet, circular rod to hang curtain can be a great choice. This one here looks incredible especially with windows at the back that sens beautiful lights. The light blue inside of the tub makes everything looks even sweeter.

Pink Curtain
Besides using round curtain ring, choosing a sweet colored curtain is also one of the things you can do to make a bathroom as sweet as you want it to be without renovating. The soft hue of the curtain brings in soft and romantic ambiance.

Clear Pink
This one here also puts an interesting way to make a bathroom looks pretty and sweet. The clear curtain in this one looks fresh and light and the pink colored at the bottom sweeten the space just well. The pink hue at the bottom gives a fun and summery look in the bathroom that it is perfect for girl’s bathroom or anyone who love pink spirit.

Hologram Look
If you love the clear curtain in the previous one, this one here would make you really happy. The colorful curtain looks amazingly beautiful and sets a cheerful note. This one here can bring in summery feeling to the bathroom.

Tall Curtain
IF you love to make an elegant bathroom, a tall curtain will make a really interesting swish, especially with window on the wall, like seen in this one. A dramatic and romantic ambiance is set around this tall tub curtain.

Minimalist Gold
In this farmhouse bathroom, golden lines are interestingly added on the rod and rings of the tub. This makes the bathroom looks even warmer. The wooden plank and the herringbone bricks compliments the room perfectly well.

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