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warm pink tufted sofa with tufted back and seating, gass coffee table, grey rug, wooden floor, yellow curtain The Neiman

Pale Pink Sofa With Tufted Back, Modern Line, Wooden Legs
Tufted Long Brown Ottoman With Arm Rest
Flower Chair With Tufted Back, Green Round Tufted Ottoman, White Chair, Brown Rug
Light Purple Tufted Sofa With Tufted Surface In The Seating Adn Back, Wooden Legs, Wooden Floor, Moroccan Rug, Leather Ottoman
Light Purple Long Sofa With Tufted Back, Four Seatings, Velet Material, Declining Armrest
Warm Pink Tufted Sofa With Tufted Back And Seating, Gass Coffee Table, Grey Rug, Wooden Floor, Yellow Curtain
Pink Glossy Sofa With Tufted Back And Arm Rest, Pink Tufted Round Ottoman, Beige Chair With Tufted Back
Corner Sofa With Tufted Seating Adn Back, Longue Side, Pillows, White Round Coffee Table
Grey Sofa With Tufted Back, Seating, And Arm Rest, Round Coffee Table, Chair, Side Table, Sloping Ceiling
Soft Blue Sofa With Tudted Seating, Tufted Arm Rest, Pink Chairs With Tufted Back, Pink Roudn Side Table, Chandelier, Pink Lamp Floor, Mirror

Tufted sofa can give comfortable look in the room. The tuft makes the surface wavy and that creates a comfortable look because to make it perfectly tufted, a fluffy seating or back will be needed. Seen in these pictures below are some gorgeous tufted sofa that will make you want to owe one in the room.

Soft Comfort
Tufted sofa can be found in many options. You can find sofa with the tufted back or tufted seating. This one here shows how fluffy it would look when tufted part are both in the back and seating. However, without arm rest, this one here puts a simpler look in the room, compare to the usual bulky sofa.

Warm Pink
Curvy lines will make tufted sofa looks even more comfortable. And seen in this one here, you can see that curvy backs and arm rest like this one not only offers more warmth but also more fluffy look. With wrinkles around the tuft, you can see how fluffy and thick the seating is.

Curvy Purple
Similar to the previous one, this one too also offers curvy lines on the back with its tufted back. However, instead of another tufted seating, this one here offers smoother surface seating with its soft velvet material. While offering comfortable look, this one also gives luxurious look.

Modern Tufted
Even though it seems that tufted sofa can give more unnecessary details for the modern and minimalist style, it does not mean that it cannot be combined. Seeing in this one here, the modern sleek sofa looks comfortable with the tufted back.

Tufted Pastel
While tufted brings out warmth and often combined with warm color, these pastel sofa looks incredible with tufted accent. This looks like a perfect option for a room goes with shabby look.

Flower Pattern
The interesting about tufted accent is that it can be used almost in every stool, chair, or sofa. Seen in this one, a beautiful flowery pattern is given tufted back. And the coffee table is a tufted ottoman.

Glossy Surface
With the comfortable character, glossy material is not used as much as the other. However, if you love to bring some shine to your living room without forgetting the comfort, putting tufted accent in glossy surface can actually brings out the comfort more prominent.

Tufted All Over
Brings out warmth and convenient can also be done with putting one long tufted sofa that looks pronounced but in a soft and calm way, like this one here. Added with pillows, it’s undeniably look comfortable.

Long Bench
As tufted accent can be seen in any kinds of chair, it is understandable to have a long bench with tufted accent in the seating too, just like this one here. With the absent of the back, it makes it easier for more people to sit.

Cornered Sofa
Another comfortable seating is seen in this tufted corner sofa. Have a meaning to put comfort and warm prominent, corner sofa and tufted accent works best together.

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