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Have you ever visited a bar? If you do, you must know how bar stool looks like. There are so many bar stool concepts in many bars in the world. Most of them have high design suitable for bar table. In this case, the writer wants to discuss about typical bar stool design which has turquoise color. We will see how amazing this turquoise bar stools are.

One stool have very creative design. This bar stool has turquoise decoration on its surface. It is like a flower decoration. Thus, this stool also has wooden legs and has round shape. This round stool has no back at all. Unlike the modern bar stool showed in the picture which is very amazing. This kind of modern bar stool has unique concept. this bar stool is like a cup shape. It has no leg and it can be twisted. This modern concept is suitable for modern bar design.

The other bar stool has simple concept. This turquoise bar stool is made of plastic material. It uses four legs. It seems that this stool is lighter than the other and it has no back at all. Unlike the other stool concept which has the same legs concept, but the material used is iron frame. This stool is very cool for bar table. This special bar stool has back design with unique design. it is quite high so it is suitable for high table.

Some of the turquoise bar stools showed in the picture have round shape with iron legs design. This is quite simple stool design and it is not too high. The other bar stool also has nice design which is all made of iron. This turquoise bar stool is highest one with nice surface. Those are some samples of bar stools that can inspire you to have one suppose you have home bar.

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