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tv display decoration carpet wood floor sofa pillows light warm lighting wall storage glass top table David Churchill

Tv Display Decoration Curtains Window Glass Lighting Bed Pillows Ceiling Lamps Wood Floor Beach Style Bedroom
Tv Display Decoration Sofa Pillows Beige Wall Ribbon Fireplace Wall Decor Stairs Railing Wood Floor Carpet Table
Tv Display Decoration Arts Crafts Table Chairs Sofa Windows Glass Wood Floor Carpet Family Room Interior
Tv Display Decoration Bed Pillows Fireplace Ceiling Lamps Mirror Doors Ceiling Fan Fireplace Trendy Bedroom Design
Tv Display Decoration Carpet Table Light Hardwood Floor Modern Chairs Window Wall Decor Sofa Pillows Lamps
Tv Display Decoration Slate Floors Family Room Sofa Pillows Glass Curtains Table Carpet Wall Decor Books
Tv Display Decoration Eclectic Living Room Carpet Seating Bookshelf Books Dark Floor Fireplace Storage
Tv Display Decoration Sofa Pillows Painting Cabinet Traditional Design Wood Floor Carpet Table Fireplace
Tv Display Decoration Modern Family Room Sofa Pillows Wall Storage Wood Big Window Glass Lamp
Tv Display Decoration Carpet Table Sofa Wall Decor Backless Seating Lamp Freestanding Tv Ceiling Lamps

Displaying your TV in an interesting way is one of the things you need to do if you want every part of your home to look awesome. Don’t worry, there are many ways to display a TV and make the area it’s displayed look interesting. If you find it hard to get TV display ideas, here are some areas with TVs you can take a deep look at and get some clever ideas from.

Using an Automated Lift

The TV below is in a room with sofas, pillows, and a fireplace and it’s displayed using a system that uses an automated lift.

In a Transitional Living Room

The TV below is in a transitional living room with a ceiling fan, sofas with pillows, and a wall behind the TV that’s designed to look different than the rest of the wall.

In a Loft-Style Family Room

Displayed in a loft-style family room, this TV us surrounded by varied items and orange color to create a nice look on one of the walls in the room.

In Front of a Light Blue Wall

The TV below is in front of a blue wall and a built-in media wall and it’s in a room with a low table the occupants of the home can place snacks on when enjoying the shows they watch.

Collaborating with a Ribbon Fireplace and a Beige Wall

The TV below sure has nice friends that come in the form of a beige wall, a ribbon fireplace, lovely sofas, and a number of other lovely things.

In a Family Room with a Slate Floor

The TV in this room is backed by a nice wall decor and the TV itself is in a family room with a slate floor, a carpet, and a comfy sofa with pillows.

In a Family Room with a Built-in Media Wall

Installed in a family room with a built-in media wall, this TV shares the space with books, a sofa, a low table, and varied other things in the family room.

In a Room with Warm Lighting

The protagonist is a wall TV and it’s a lucky protagonist that gets to spend time in a room with warm lighting and an elegant sofa accompanied by elegant chairs and a modern table.

Combined with Blocky Shelves and a Ribbon Fireplace

In this room, the TV is accompanied by a ribbon fireplace, blocky shelves, as well as a sofa with pillows in varying colors and a modern low table between the sofa and the TV.

In a Contemporary Living Room

Now the center of attention is a freestanding TV, which is in a contemporary living room with beautiful ceiling lamps, lovely chairs, wall decor, and decorative plants.

Accompanied by a Beige Wall and Light Hardwood Floor

The TV in this room is surrounded by beige walls in a room whose area below belongs to a light hardwood floor, on which a carpet and a sofa, as well as a table and modern chairs are.

tv display decoration carpet table light hardwood floor modern chairs window wall decor sofa pillows lamps

The Couture Rooms

In a Traditional Kitchen

Installed in a traditional kitchen, the TV below is in a room with decorative plates and books, as well as myriad other things.

In an Eclectic Living Room

In an eclectic living room with lots of books and a dark floor, this TV is in a room with yellow pops and a cute fireplace.

tv display decoration eclectic living room carpet seating bookshelf books dark floor fireplace storage

Jerry Jacobs Design

In a Coastal Family Room

This TV is in a coastal family room that has a white wall and a medium tone hardwood floor, as well as sofas with pillows and some American flag decors.

In a Modern Family Room

On the wall of a modern family room, this TV is accompanied by a sofa with pillows and a big window that brings in a lot of brightness into the room during the day.

In a Beach-Style Bedroom

This room is a beach-style bedroom and it houses a TV framed by wood and chairs, as well as big windows that sometimes are covered by curtains.

In a Room with Light Blue Pops

The things that accompanied the TV in this room are including a ribbon fireplace and light blue pops coming in the form of a light blue carpet, light blue pillows, and a light blue curtain.

A TV with a Heavy Gilded Frame

This TV is framed by a heavy gilded frame and it’s in a room with chandeliers, doors with glass, a bed, and a wall with patterns that exude elegance.

In a Trendy Family Room

Installed on the wall of a trendy family room, this TV is befriended by a sofa with pillows in varying colors, white curtains and a large painting on the wall.

In a Bedroom with a Fireplace

The flat TV below is on the wall of a bedroom with a fireplace, a ceiling fan, a bed, a mirror, and perfectly placed ceiling lamps.

In an Artistic Family Room

Arts and crafts are things that accompany the TV in this family room, which has a wood floor with a carpet and a sofa, as well as modern tables and chairs.

In a Master Bedroom

The room in which this TV rests is a master bedroom, which has an interesting ceiling decor and a sofa in front of the TV.

In a Contemporary Home Theater

The TV below is in a contemporary home theater which has beautiful boxes and lights that really give a beautiful look to the room’s wall.

In a Traditional Patio

Decorating a traditional patio, this TV has a cover that can be opened and closed and it also has a friend in the form of a fireplace, which is located below it.

In a Traditional Living Room

The traditional living room in which this TV is placed in has a painting, a sofa, a fireplace, and a carpet on a wood floor.

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