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mediterranean queen bed and single bed with corner headboard in white tainted wooden bedding, white bed cover and pink pillow cover Andrea Bartholick Pace Interior Design

Wooden Unfolding Twin Bed With Grey Orange Cover On Brown Wooden Shelves
Traditional Bedroom With Blue White Wall Paper, White Flooring, Two Single Brown Wooden Bedding, Blue White Bed Cover, Side Table, Curtain, Table Chairs
Simple Bedroom With Cream Colored Wall, Flooring, Brown Curtain, Two Single Brown Wooden Beddings, White Cover, Side Table In The Middle, Table Lamp
Bedroom With White Wall, Brown Ceiling, White Wooden Bed Platform, Green Rug Flooring, Rattan Swing, Chandelier
Bedroom With Cream Wall, White Ceiling, Brown Flooring, Twin Bamboo Headboard Beds, Bamboo Side Table, White Wooden Framed Window
Simple Room With White Ceiling And Wall, Wooden Flooring, White Rud, White Long Twin Bedding With Cabinet Under And Headboard Separates The Bed
Traditional Bedroom With Twin Beds, Brown Wooden Bedding, White Cover, Green Wall, Wooden Flooring, Rug, Couch
Bedroom With Brown Wall, Brown Flooring, Brown Wall, Wooden Beamed Ceiling, Twin Bed With Brown Cover, Side Table, Table, Chair
Mediterranean Queen Bed And Single Bed With Corner Headboard In White Tainted Wooden Bedding, White Bed Cover And Pink Pillow Cover
Traditional Bed Room With Twin Bed In Dark Wooden Bedding, Cream Bed Cover, Brown Wallpaper, White Ottoman, Side Table, Mirror, Shelves, Sconces

It happens sometimes when we don’t have enough space to load our furniture for the purpose we have in mind, we need to do something more to make it happen. One of the things is having guest rooms. When you only have one room to accommodate your guests, one thing you can do is by throwing two beds in one room. It will save you the room and the guests who are acquainted well, can spend the night, although may not be too comfortable, well rested. Twin bed is also a good choice when you have a villa and want to have room for more people than the room available can manage. Here are below some ideas you can do with the twin bed you might have thought to do.

In One Line

If you have a rather long room, this kind of arrangement will make your space look larger. You will have more room available to put other furniture. The cabinet under the bed is also a really good idea to save space.

Platform Bed

For you who have enough space to move with the choices on what to put in your room, you can have your twin bed in platform frame. Although it might feel bigger than it should be, you can ensure that  your wall and ceiling are in matched so that there is no too much cutting in the coloring.

Traditional Room

In this picture the bed frame is really graceful and without any heavy impressions on the frame as well as the headboard. Although the comforter in chairs and the bedding sends heavy impression, the wall and ceiling that is in matched finds the balance.

Unfolding Twin Bed

Having unfolding bed can be really handful when you have so little space. No matter where you put it, you will have plenty room in the day and you still can have a good rest when you want to.

Classic Twin Bed

This is another traditional theme bedroom. The bed frame chosen are light and without any complicated ornament that might make it heavy. This is of course to balance on how the bed comforter can look bulging and give fuller effect.

Twin Bed in Blue Room

One of the things you can do to make sure you have as much space as you can is by putting the twin bed as far as possible from each other. By putting it in the corner, you can use the space between to the furniture or just to give you more room to move around.

Bamboo Twin Bed

If you imagine you will have something light and fresh, you can try this one. With bamboo bed frame that only appears on the headboard, the room is light and not messy. The side table is also small and cute. The chair that is also made from bamboo is such a great touch for the room.

Queen and Single Twin Bed

From this picture, you can see how combining a queen size bed with single size bed can do you beauty. With corner headboard like this, you can also use it as a couch. Or, if your guest is travelling with a child, this one can be really convenient for them too.

Low Level Twin Bed

This is also a good idea to make your room more spacious. Having a low level bed might not be most comfortable for everyone; however, it is so relieving to have more space to breathe.

Simple Twin Bed

You can go really simple for creating spacious room you can hope. With simple bedding, simple frame with continuing headboard like this, you room will still look simple with a little pretty accent.

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