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black metal umbrella stand in the shaped of folded umbrella Houzz

Antique Brown Rattan Umbrella Stand
Golden Metal Sling Umbrella Stand
Japanese Small Black Steel Umbrella Stand With Thre Lines At The Top
Black Tringular Prism Shaped Umbrella Stand With Six Holes
Tin Umbrella Stand Shaped Like Umbrella
Tall Black Leather Umbrella Stand With Top Holder
Strong Simple Black Steel Umbrella Stand
Black Leather Simple Square Umbrella Stand
Black Metal Umbrella Stand In The Shaped Of Folded Umbrella
Tall Round Umbrella Stand With Golden Pinapples

When rainy season comes, there will be lots of fuss regarding the wet umbrella coming into your home. You don’t want water pooling in your floor. It will be wet and slippery, and most important thing is that it will be slovenly. And of course you don’t want that. It is important to keep your home’s sanity clean all the time. And for rainy season and its problem that might affect your floor, you have nothing to worry if you have umbrella stand. The wet umbrella will be pooled in one place and at the bottom of the stand, the water will be flowed. And there are so many umbrella stands that will not only meet your need but also as an added point to your decoration. Here are some of those that can make your front area looks good.

Tin Folded Umbrella

This stand is really gorgeous. With the tin material, the tin color enhances its classic feeling. And the best part is that this stand is shaped like a folded umbrella.

Black Folded Umbrella

Similar with the previous one, the difference is that it is in the shade of black. It is almost like the real black umbrella that is folded.

Black Square Stand

This one is really simple you can see this kind of stand everywhere.

Black Artistic Shape

This one is also in the shape of square. But the best part of it is that it is shaped like a basket with the wrought iron.

Three Lines for Stands

This one is a simple one. It actually is in the shape of square but they made it interesting by leaving three lines to hold the umbrella.

Black Round Stand

This one is also simply black and round. However, at the top, you can see holder as accent, probably for you to move it around.

Golden Pineapple

This one is really cute. Although it’s black, it is in pattern of gold pineapple which is pretty and cute.

Prism with Holes

The stand is shaped in triangular prism with six holes to put your umbrella.

Rattan Stand

It is perfect for you who like to go natural to decorate home but afraid of using the real rattan, you can have it made in golden metal.

Woven Rattan Stand

This one is also for those who like to go natural when searching for furniture. The different is that it is real rattan and the rattan is woven.

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