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Warm Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Island Top, Hexagonal Tiles Under The Island, Geometric Stool With Wooden Top, Grey Backsplash, White Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Square Wall Tiles, White Hood, White Botom Cabinet, Floating Shelves, White Paterned Island With White Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Grey Island With White Top, White Patterned Tiles Under The Top, White Backsplash, Grey Bottom Cabinet, Grey Hood
Warm Kitchen With Wooden And Tiles Combination On The Wall, Kitchen Sounter With Red Stove, Small Island With Wooden Top, Wood And Tiles Under
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Upper Cabinet, White Backsplash Tiles, White Wooden Island, Wooden Stool, Golden Pendant
Kitchen, White Upper Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Arabesques Backsplash With LED Lights, Arabesques Island With White Top, White Pendants
Modern Kitchen, White Grey Plaid Floor Tiles, White Marble Island Top, White Herringbone Patern Under The Top, White Pantry Cabinet, Golden Pendants
Kitchen, Wooden Tiles, Black Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet, Backsplash Tiles, White Wooden Island With Wooden Top, LED Lights Under The Island
Kitchen With White Marble Top, White Cabinet, White Hexagonal Wall Tiles, White Ball Pendants, Green Under The Kitchen Island, Wooden Stool
Kitchen, Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, Pink Painted Wall, White Cabinet With White Top, Copper Mosaic Tiles Under The Top

The area under the kitchen island top is so underrated. Of course, not every island has the indented area under the kitchen top. For many, it is part of the island anyway. However, if you love playing with details, you will love to have some indented area just so you can add more details to your kitchen. Here below are some inspiring ideas on details under the island for you who always want to spice things up.

Different One
For the kitchens that has major color like this one, adding a different color under the island top really changes the game without being so bold about it. The subtle spice like this is perfect if you want to make a calm look in the kitchen like this.

Match the Wall
When the wall has been interesting enough with the patterned tiles, it is a wise move to follow the pattern. This one puts the same pattern it has done for the wall. For a combination of wooden look and patterned tiles, it has been quite a merriment in the kitchen.

Subtle Tiles
In this modern farmhouse kitchen, the overall look is neutral and pretty. And while adding a bold move under the island kitchen is interesting, this one here takes a subtle move instead and placing a white patterned tiles to make everything looks more fun.

Herringbone Pattern
Another way to make subtle statement under the kitchen top is by going with the same or matching color with the rest of the kitchen but using a simple pattern. Here in this one is a white modern kitchen with white herringbone tiles under the island top that looks matches the overall look.

Warm Modernity
In this modern themed kitchen, wooden material is used majority from the floor to the top floating shelves. And this made it look so warm. And among the warmth is interesting geometrical lines from the stool and the hexagonal tiles under the island top.

Pretty Arabesques
Arabesques tiles is always interesting with its curve and corner. Using it on the backsplash among this white modern kitchen has brought interesting details to observe. And using it too on the island bring its own charm.

Gorgeous Accent
This kitchen looks amazing while still manages to look simple. The cool modern lines meet the warm rattan and wooden pieces. The island tiles under the white top brings gorgeous accent for this kitchen.

Copper Mosaic
For a small kitchen that longs for an island to eat, this small addition to the kitchen counter looks refreshing yet still comfortable. Installing copper mosaic tiles under the top is a subtle move but the glints on the tiles surely refuse not to be noticed.

Add Some Light
It is not only those indented island that can spice things up on the island. This one here adds a pretty great ideas on how to make the island interesting: it adds LED lights under the island. This makes the island looks like it floats from the floor.

Warm Wood
The easiest way to make some hidden details is by changing the island top into something bigger so that it will exceed the width of the island. This one looks like it hides an interesting warm secret under the island top but it is not so secret as many island which also have this storage. But of course, not hidden by the top.

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