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black cat steel book end Pop Sugar

Purple Stone Book Ends
Green Dinosaur Book Ends With Wooden Pedestal
Black Whale Book Ends
Wooden A To Z Book Ends, Wooden Slab Table
Netural Colored Modern Book Ends With Curve
Black Thin Steel Book End With Batman Shadow
Black Cat Steel Book End
Hogwarts Book Ends With Castle, Owl And House Elves
Black Steel Tyranosaur Book Ends With People Run
White Stormtrooper Book Ends

Bookshelves can look just like that without anything decorating it and it is enough sometimes. However, for those who are enticed with books, bookshelves are their gateways to another place and times and it can be a sanctuary that they sacralize. It is an understandable that in a bookshelves of a book lover you can find accessories that makes the bookshelves even more enticing. If you wonder what to give your bookworm friends, these ten unique bookends will help you find out.

A to Z
This wooden book ends while brings the practical function, it also helps to bring in rustic vibes to the room. The natural material brings a warm and fresh vibe to the table. And it will also a good choice to put on the book shelves.

Modern Book Ends
If your friends’ house is more of a modern house with modern and minimalist design inside, you might need to consider something like this one here. The neutral book ends with smooth curve like this is perfect for a modern house.

Fun Dinosaur
This one here is a gift for children who love dinosaur. The fresh and natural creature would make the book rows more fun and refreshing. Not only for children, this one here can be a perfect gift for Ross Geller, too!

Star Wars Ends
A bookworm, or a nerd, would love to have a characterized book end. If you wonder a perfect gift for someone like Sheldon Cooper or simply a Star Wars fan, this one here could be an amazing gift for them.

Batman Shadow
This one here is another book end with character design. With simple black steel, it is shaped like Batman’s shadow while he’s leaning to the wall.

Black Tyrannosaur
This one here can be for a child too although the simple black metal might look fit for adult. The fun thing about this one is the small people run away from the big creature.

Scratching Cat
This one here is so adorable that you don’t have to be a bookworm to drool over it. The scratching cat is a creative look that anybody just loves it.

Black Whale
With half body on the front and on the tail, this black whale book ends make a simple yet unique book ends. And although it is not too tall, it holds the book just fine.

Purple Stone
For those who prefer lovely things like stones, this purple book ends can be a great addition to their bookshelves. With details on the surface, this purple book ends gives interesting touch. The green grass on the stone adds fresh look to the rows of books.

Harry Potter Ends
Thematic book ends are such an adorable gift that will make the receiver jumps in delight. But, of course, you need to make sure that the receiver is a fan of the theme. This one here is in Harry Potter theme and a Potterhead will love you very much for bringing this to them.

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