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unique bookcase blue sectional sofa black coffee table glass windows gray textured area rug black floor lamp colorful pillows Simon Maxwell Photography

Unique Bookcase White Walls Skylight Wooden Floor Wooden Dining Table Blue And Yellow Chairs Brown Cabinet Built In Ovens Rug
Unique Bookcase Beige Curtain Modern Armchair Cowhide Rug Black Floor Lamp Wooden Side Table Wooden Floor White Bench Stool Window Pillows Books Decorations
Unique Bookcase Black Range Hood White Bookcase Infoor Plant White Wall Fire Pit Bench Day Bed Floor Tile White Curtain
Unique Bookcase White Spinning Bookcase White Railing Wooden Railing Cap Staircase White Walls Wndows Skylights
Unique Bookcase Purple Wall Black Nesting Coffee Table Gray Couch Throw Beige Curtains Brown Pillows White Walls Windows
Unique Bookcase Curved Bookshelves Ghost Office Chair Windows Modern Built In Office Desk Computer Books Printer
Unique Bookcase Gray Wall Mounted Bookcase Gray Console Table Blue Sofa Pink Pillows Blue Velvet Ottoman White Walls
Unique Bookcase Antique Wall Mirrors Windows Shades Globes Wooden Floor Red Lounge Chairs White Yellow Walls Side Table
Unique Bookcase Blue Sectional Sofa Black Coffee Table Glass Windows Gray Textured Area Rug Black Floor Lamp Colorful Pillows
Unique Bookcase White Wall Mounted Bookcase Wooden Shelves Wooden Desk White Sectional Sofa Shag Rug Coffee Table Side Table White Chair

Books can make the room messy if we don’t store it well. We need a bookshelf or a bookcase which function as the book storage. A bookcase is necessary for every home. Although the owner is not a book lover, we may need to keep some books in our home. A bookcase is not only put in a home library or a home office, but you can also put your bookcase in a living room or family room where everyone can see your book collection and read them. The following are some unique bookcase ideas that you can get to keep your book collection and give a unique item in your home.

A Large Built-In Bookcase

This chic spacious dining room creates the wall to be functional. A unique large built-in bookcase on the room wall make this dining room can also be a home library. Thus, the chairs are chosen with its cozy style and comfortable material.

Unique Bookcase On The Wall

A family room will be more valuable if we add some additional items besides the comfortable sectional sofa, a coffee table, and television as home entertainment. You can put a desk for a small home office in the corner and a bookcase on the wall.

Cool Shelves

This white custom shelving unit was built to include the fireplace, television, and book storage. A fireplace and integrated shelving unit is a smart idea for a small space in your home.

Bold Bookshelves in Living Room

Having books integrated into living room design is often a must to maximize the space and store the books. This unique bookcase is recessed into the black and white wall behind the green sectional sofa.

A Swing Bookcase

The white swing bookcase with its slim and elegant design will be a nice unique bookcase in your home. It fits perfectly as a complementing piece in this living room. You can put some small decorative objects on it.

A Geometric Bookcase

Instead of wall art, you can add a unique bookcase behind the furniture item. Along with the light and color of this living room, the geometric bookcase gives the room a distinguished look. The bookcase has the same color finishing as the console table behind the blue sofa.

Smaller Cases

This bright gold bookcase comes with two thin cases on its sides. It can be a place for smaller books. The design and shapes of the bookcase increase the retro vibe in this home library.

Unique Bookcase in Modern Design

You should consider a shelf set-up to use the empty wall. This modern bookcase has contemporary design and blends into the wall. You can put other things on it.

A Spinning Bookcase

This white home has a custom built bookcase which rotates to allow access to all books. This spinning bookcase can make a great art piece.

Curved Office Shelves

As for the spacious home office, you can create a very exciting interior architecture by creating curved shelves. The shelves can be book storage and other home office needs.

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