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Colorful floating tetris shelves on white brick wall Wallover

Colorful Floating Shelves Shaped Like A Bike
White Wooden Floating Shelves Shaped Like A Sailboat
Black Wooden Floating Shelves In Round Arrangements With Large Middle Space
Floating Shelves With Triangle Wooden Blocks, LED Lights
Wooden Floating Shelves With Wire, Grey Wall, Sink
Colorful Floating Tetris Shelves On White Brick Wall
Grey And Black Floating Flower Shaped Bookcase
Windmill Floating Shelves With White Yellow Brown
Wooden Vortex Floating Shelves
Wooden Tear Floating Shelves

Creating statement wall can be done by using strong or bold color paint or strong patterned wallpaper. But, if you don’t want to change your wall, creating a strong statement can also be done by adding unique accessories on the wall. One of the best thing to add is floating shelves as it will not only be on the wall as an accessories but it will also offers some serous function, like hold your books, or small accessories. Below are some interesting designed floating shelves that will let make you focus on them when you see them on the wall for its gorgeous and creative ideas.

Connected Shelves
In this picture below, the floating shelves are in irregular position. However, seeing from the things put inside the box, it works as real shelves. The black rope on the shelves make it looks like it is connected. It is a great step.

Flowery Bookshelves
In these floating flowery bookshelves, the wall looks so strongly equipped to show a strong power in making statement. The blossoming flower looks unique with great details and beauty.

One Tear
This unique design offers a strong statement when it is installed on the wall, especially with neutral wall. For its small space, it is a good place to put your accessories.

On the Spot
One thing that will make something spotted is by putting lights on it, like this one here. With orange LED lights on top, middle and bottom, the floating shelves look amazing. The use of triangle wooden blocks, instead of straight boards, is really a creative move.

Floating Vortex
This one here offers an unusual look with its vortex shape. And not only the shape, the door of the shelves are given alternately. This makes a really wide and varied use.

Colorful Tetris
If you love to go strong on colors, these colorful floating shelves shaped like an old favorite game, Tetris, will give you a fun sight on the wall. This one has quite large space that it can be used for books or tall accessories.

Sail Away
If you love to add something fun, this adorable floating shelves shaped like a sailboat will make your wall look amazing. Even though it is painted in white or neutral color, the fun shape will help the wall look playful.

Colorful Bike
While the previous one looks fun with colorful blocks, this one here looks fun with its colorful bike. Installed floating on the wall has made the bike looks magical and fun.

Fun Windmill
This one here offers a fun look with geometric lines and bold color of yellow. This one will look great too in a neutral colored wall.

Black Round
This one is another unique floating shelves that looks grandeur and make the wall leave a strong impression. Arranged not in full round, this one leaves the middle part of the arrangements larger space that it can holds taller things.

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