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kids bedroom, wooden floor, wooden bed platform, white bedding, varied clothes rug, red striped curtain, green wall, Pinterest

Kids Bedroom, Green Rug, Round Rug, Green Wall, Green Car Shaped Bed Room Platform With Bed Inside
Kids Bedroom, Brown Floor, Grey Wall, Beige Wainscoting, Tractor Bed With Shelves, Brown Wooden Cabinet, Bean Bag
Kids Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Round Rugs, Shell Shaped Bed, Ottoman, Green Wall, Metal Chandelier, Beach Decorations
Kids Bedroom With Beige Rug, White Red Bus With Bed On Top, White Wall, Black Ceiling Lamp
Kids Bedroom With Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Lego Details On Above The Bed Headboard, Window, Table, Floating Table, Bed With Colorful Bedding, Ceiling Fan
Kids Bedroom, Beige Floor, Beige Wall, Beds, Tree Decoration With Branch Sprouts, Ceiling Fan, Plants On Pots, Brown Curtain
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bed Platform, White Bedding, Varied Clothes Rug, Red Striped Curtain, Green Wall,
Kids Bedroom With Beige Rug, Blue World Map Art Wall, Cloud Statement Ceiling, Chandelier, Plane Shaped Bed
Nursery With Green Wall With Wave And Surfers, White Wooden Crib, White Ceiling Fan
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Boat Shaped Bed, Silor Round Rug, White Wall, Chandelier, Window, White Wooden Cabinet

Kids’ bedrooms are always fun to decorate as it has so many fun aspects to pick. Varied shapes and colors can be chosen for kid’s bedroom. And picking fun furniture makes you feel excited and you will probably have fun too. These stunning kids’ bedrooms will show you that the decorator had so much fun when they decorated it as it can be seen on the fun final designs they created. If you are looking for inspirations, these might help you.

Plane Bed
This bedroom will make every kid envious. The large space of the room and the world map art wallpaper have been enough reason to start it. However, the plane bed is the most stunning items in the room that is so envious.

Volkswagen on the Room
This one here also goes with the strong impression on the bed. With a bold colored antique car on the room, the uniqueness is so endearing. Bed on the roof of the car has saved the car space to be a playground.

Sailor Theme
Another fun and envious bedroom for kids is this bedroom below with its sailor theme. The boat bed has been interestingly fun. Not only that it is shaped like boat, it also has sails and another great details. Combined with blue rug on sailor theme, the look is completed.

Tree Inside
Besides having bed in interesting shape, unique bedroom can also be gained by adding an interesting item in the room as decoration, like this one below. With an interesting wooden decoration shaped like a real tree, the room has an interesting vibe, especially with the branches and leaves sprout from the ceiling.

Volkswagen in Peace
If you love something peaceful for your kids who love cars, this look might be one of the options you can go through with your kids. The unique Volkswagen car gives different vibe to the room. With bed inside the car, it looks like a fun bed any kids want to have.

Nursery in Wave
A really unique look is shown in the picture below. The simple bedroom is decorated with wave from the wall on a unique angle. Even though the room is not decorated with anything else, the wave has been a strong accent for the room.

Ferris Wheel
An interesting item like this one below are probably what every kids like to have. Ferris wheel is an icon for a playground that kids love. Having it inside their room will excite them. Ant not only for decoration purpose but also practical purpose too. This one here uses Ferris wheel to help maneuver the storage for toys. It’s a really interesting idea for kid’s bedroom.

For a Mermaid
For those girls who are obsessed to be a mermaid, this one here might be perfect for them. The shape of the bed and the color of the room is every mermaid needs.

Lego Mania
Lego has been a favorite toys since years ago. It supports creativity and fun time alone or together. The colorful blocks spark joy too. And this Lego bedroom has a really pretty details on every corner of the room seen on the wall, table, even window.

Tractor Bed
This one here is another bedroom with bed as the bold uniqueness. Not only that it is a bed, it also gives a unique space for bookshelves in front of the tractor.

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