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8 funky warm lighting wall lamps Fresh Home

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8 Funky Warm Lighting Wall Lamps
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Lighting are necessary fixtures at home. Not only does it brighten up your rooms but also creates the mood and ambiance. To maintain certain atmosphere without leaving the function off, you can choose the types of your lamps. There are pendent or hanging lamps for your dining room, table lamps for your bedroom, standing lamps for your living room, and wall lamps for your kitchen. Yet, you can modify each type to be used in any rooms you want. Here are ten unusual lamps that will support your home style.


Ultra Minimalist Full-moon Table Lamp

A full moon table lamp is a good choice to enhance the warmth nuance in your room. Its simplicity and elegance suit any rooms in your house. Choose the one with dimmer switch so it can be optimized based on your need.


Spiral LED Table Lamp

The use of LED in lighting fixtures starts to be common nowadays. It is one of which can modified into various shapes. This spiral LED table lamp will maintain the ambiance of simplicity and minimalism.


Funky  Glowing Orbs Wall Lamps

Install some wall lamps at once in one side of your room. They will be nice background looking like orbs when you switch them on and decorating your room even when you switch them off. You can even rearrange them so you won’t get bored.


Blossom Flower Standing Lamp

Inspired by sakura flowers in Japan, this standing lamp beautifully decorate your room. You can also find the bonsai version which you can use as table lamp. Feel the Christmas in the air everyday.


Super Simple Arc LED Lamp

This is another kind of lamps which supports your ultra-modern style using LED technology. The thin illumination it produces can be the additional lighting in either your reading corner or relaxing spot.


Natural Look of Driftwood Side Lamp

To realize your love of nature in the house, try to place a driftwood floor lamp beside your sofa or other furniture. You can also place it in the corner of the room so that it will be a naturally artistic focal point.


Raindrops Pendant Lamps

Furniture with glass material represents elegance. So do these raindrops pendant lamps. Enhance the luxury of your room by installing these fixtures right above the table or kitchen land. You can consider installing them in the center of the room substituting for chandelier.


Contrasting Wooden Standing Lamp

Wooden but modern arched floor lamp as an additional lighting in your house will never fail you. You had better choose any wood colours contrasting with the main tone of your room and make it stands out.


Fin Pendant Lamps for Vintage Look

Vintage style seems to be timeless in home designing. To establish the vintage look in your space, series of fin pendant lamps in different length might be awesomely suit your home style.


Tropical Look with Palm Tree Lamps

Bronze or other metal accents become home designing trend in 2019. This bronze lamp shade in palm-tree shape will give a brand new tropical touch in your dream home this year. Some options open for you whether you take small table lamp matching your bronze side table or bigger standing floor lamp you can put in the corner. Well, you can even apply both of them.



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