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lips shaped mirror with pink shade above white top Urban Outfitters

White Hexagon Mirror With 3D Effect, Above Wooden Cabinet, Table Lamp
Heart Shaped Mirror Above Bed And Wooden Bedside Table
Geometric Mirror With Black Triangle, Golden Accent On The Frame
Lips Shaped Mirror With Pink Shade Above White Top
Frameless Body Shaped Mirror On White Wall, Open Brick Wall
Honeycomb Mirrors In Different Levels Of Height, White Wall, Glossy Flor, Vase
Melting Heart Mirror With Red Frame
Rectangles Mirror With Different Size And Arrangements Above Wooden Table
Rectangle Mirrors With Different Sizes And Arrangements Spread On The Wall
Crescent Shaped Mirror Surrounded With Wall Decorations

Mirror can be an accent to a room or it can be something functional where people use it to get ready. No matter how you see mirror, these pictures below will make you think of more creative and unique mirror you want to complete your room.

Honeycomb Mirror
Mirrors with different level of surface will make an interesting effect in the room. It will give your room a strong impression. And with honeycomb mirrors like this one, the interesting part is not only the different level of surface but also the geometric lines in it.

White Hexagons
Similar to the previous one, this one here also displays a great deal of geometric lines. However, instead of a group of hexagon shapes like the aforementioned, this one is a large unique mirror with hexagons craved inside with some coloring side to create 3D effect. It may not be ideal for helping you getting ready in the morning but the lights reflected from this mirror will definitely make your room interestingly shining.

Interesting Geometric
Still in geometric department, this one displays a really tasteful geometric shape with black and golden frame. This unique shape will obviously gives the room a unique hint.

Group of Rectangles
Not only hexagon that can make an intriguing shape on the wall. A group of rectangles with different size and arrangement can look really interesting without being too complicated, like seen in this picture below.

Spread on the Wall
Similar to the previous one, this one shows a group of rectangle mirrors that spread without pattern. And that is quite unexpected thing to see in a wall. This can be used functionally to help you get ready as well as decorating your room.

Melting Heart
Another unusual shape for a mirror is a heart, a melting one, like this one here. It is a perfect thing to have when you want something unusual or quite dramatic.

Without the Melt
Similar to the previous one, this one also displays a heart shaped. However, contrary to the bold impression on the previous one, this one has sweeter and calmer effect. It gives more neutral vibe to the room.

Body Shape
This one is another unusual shape of a mirror. With this unique shape, your room will have more characters in it. It says that the room is ready to leave strong impression. With tall mirror like this, you can still use it to help you get dress in the morning.

Bohemian Mirror
For you who love bohemian style, this one mirror with nature theme might interest you. Combined with the light in your room, this crescent mirror might reflect the light perfectly just like a real moon.

Sexy Mirror
If you need a sexy but subtler impression, this pale pink mirror shaped like lips might be what you need. Placed near your make up table, this one will complete the look perfectly.

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