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bathroom, cemented floor, white rug, white textured wall, green cabinet with white sink on top, small mirror, small shelves Domino

Bathroom With White Hexagon Floor Tiles, Green Square Wall Tiles, Grey Marble Sink, Wooden Door, Metal Sink
Bathroom, Scrabble Floor Tiles, Grey Wall, Scrabble Decoration On Wall, White Sink, Mirror
Bathroom, Dark Walls, White Tiles On Tub Area, White Area, White Toilet, White Floating Sink, Rattan Basket, Floor Tiles Combination
Bathroom, White Tub With Golden Legs, Golden Faucet, Tiny Hexagon Tiles In Hexagon Pattern, White Subway Wall Tiles, Dark Grey Wall
Bathroom, White Walls, White Ceiling, White Tub, Old Rustic Subway Floor Tiles, White Wooden Door, Stool
Bathroom, White Yellow Floor Tiles, White Subway Tiles On Tub, White Fish Scale Tiles On Sink, White Subway Tilse On Backsplash, Yellow Wall, Blue Tiles On Tub Area, Red Faucet,
Bathroom, Cemented Floor, White Rug, White Textured Wall, Green Cabinet With White Sink On Top, Small Mirror, Small Shelves
Bathroom, White Marble, White Tub, Green Hexagon Wall Tiles, Blue White Geometric Tiles
Bathroom, White Wll, White Ceiling, White Sink, Blue Tiny Tiles, Blue White Tiny Tiles On Gradationon Shower Room
Bathroom With Marble Floor, Half Bottom Wall In Marble, Golden Paintings On Half Top Wall, Golden Side Table With Glass Top

Tiles has been one of the most important decision to make when building a bathroom. For that, it is important to always look for inspirations before deciding the look you’re going to do. And for that, below are some ideas on unusually stunning tiles installed in the bathroom that you might fall in love with.

Combining Tiles
Making a unique look in the bathroom can be done by combining two or three tiles that looks different. Seen in the picture below is a bathroom with grey hexagon tiles on the floor while green square tiles on the wall. All those are completed with marble sink and wooden door. It is indeed an interesting combination.

Yellow Accent
Similar to the previous one, this one here also combines several kinds of tiles. With different color, pattern, and shape, all tiles are looking just right. Although the tiles on the floor, sink, tub and backsplash, and tub area are different, it does not make the bathroom looks crowded.

Scrabble the Bathroom
This one here has another unusual idea by using tiles with scrabble board. Not only that, the wall is also decorated with floating shelves just like the small board used to keep the alphabets on Scrabble with, of course, the alphabets.

Scandinavian Combination
Similar to the previous one, this one here also use some combination in the bathroom, especially on the floor. And the combination itself is really pretty with white and navy colors, and of course, different pattern. The color will remind you to Scandinavian look with a little bit of detail.

Olden Look
Next one here is an old look bathroom that you might think you will only see in a movie set. But, this one here does not look only old and dingy but clean and pretty.

Golden Painting
This one here also depicts a really unique yet beautiful look in bathroom. While the bottom half of the bathroom is in white marble that already looks expensive, the top half of the room is covered with golden paintings that steals the attention. Both combined, the bathroom looks exquisite.

Unique Luxury
While the previous ones look unique and more contemporary, this one here looks more expensive with the white and cream look from the curtain, tiles, and tub with golden legs. The tiny hexagon tiles are looking detailed.

Unique Modern
This one here combines the most popular tiles on 2018, the geometric tiles, in two different look. The one on the wall is hexagonal while the one on the floor is more like prism.

Blue Gradation
Another unique look is shown in this bathroom with tiny tiles. The one on the dry area is with blue tiny tiles while the ones on the shower is gradation from blue to white. It brings out the coastal look it tries to show.

Unique Look
While the previous one has beautiful tiles on the floor, this one here has rather different finish on the floor. Looking like half finished, the floor is completed with textured cement. The wall itself complement this ragged look with white textured wall. However, the furniture and the decorations are still on point.

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