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vacation home eclectic exterior in sloped site with glass windows and wooden deck walls patio fencing Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

Two Story Vacation Home With Angled Pole For Structural Supports Medium And Light Toned Wooden Wall White Painted Walls Glass Windows
Wooden Vacation Home Rustic Exterior Withh Glass Windows Iron Fences Hanging Lamp Wooden Table Set
Small Cabin With Square Wooden Beam Front Porch Wooden Deck Wall Log Poles Red Wooden Door With Glass
Vacation Home Rustic Exterior Glass Walls And Windows Wooden Deck Walls And Patio Floor Wooden Chair
Vacation Home Eclectic Exterior In Sloped Site With Glass Windows And Wooden Deck Walls Patio Fencing
One Story Wooden Vacation Home Rustic Exterior Wooden Floor Wooden Deck Wall Glass Windows
Vacation Home Rustic Exterior Cemented Stone Brick Flooring Timber Post Wooden Branches Fence Wooden Log Wall
Vacation Home Rustic Exterior With Patio Wooden Deck Walls Metal Roof Glasss Windows Lamps In Yellow
Modern Vacation Home Exterior With Shed Roof And Glass Windows Wooden Deck Walls And Doors
Vacation Home Rustic Exterior Stone Brick Wall Wooden Deck Wall Stone Brick Patio Glass Window Wooden Door

Whenever we are out of town for hunting or camping, the first thing we need to ensure is that the lodging place. In order to give you comfortable feeling, this article will give you ten insightful small vacation home plans so you can choose the right idea for you.

Brick Stone Wall Vacation Home

This vacation home is less than 700 square foot. this home has two bedrooms and bathrooms. it is such a great house with perfect rustic look with the combination of brick stone wall and wooden deck wall.

Small Vacation Home on the Hill

This beautiful vacation home is located on the hill. It uses wooden foundation over cemented foundation because it is only used occasionally. This 550 square feet house is a good inspiration for a rustic wood exterior home that you can try.

Rustic Vacation Home for Romantic Charm

This rustic vacation home reuses the natural resources such as the cemented brick stone as the flooring and the logs as the roof and the wall. It also uses branches as the fences. By only using lamps that gives the yellow glow, this is a romantic home for camping while listening to the animals at night.

Small Vacation Home with Big Roof

One story is common for a small vacation home plan. Its efficient usage of rooms despite of small space can be pleasing too. 800 square feet cabin is the modest size for us to spend the holiday and call this place as a weekend retreat.

Modern Small Vacation House

Modern exterior can also become an option in your cabin. This 800 square feet vacation home looks very stylish in its futuristic touch. The roof gives the functional aim to withstand and shed the snow, perfectly fits for snowy area.

Creative Small Vacation Home in Country Touch

This L-shaped vacation home is very beautiful. The dramatic front porch will absolutely captivate your eyes because it looks very pleasing. Your family will not regret spending their holiday in this lovely cabin.

Elongated Vacation Home with Front Porch

This vacation home has suffice space for front porch. The front side is adorned with glass windows so people can see the inside. This is a good option for you who want to save the area for other purposes.

Eclectic Vacation Home in Sloped Site

This guest house for family is designed in eclectic style. The home is built in sloped site yet it doesn’t reduce its beauty. Instead, the sloped area gives the plus point on the exterior design.

Floating Vacation Home

This vacation home has two stories but the house uses more space in the second story thus it looks like the house is floating. The angled poles are needed for structural support and you may have this idea if you want unconventional cabin idea.

Mountain Style Vacation Home

Cabin house in mountain style is perfectly suitable in the wood area, especially when it has beautiful surround landscape. You will forget your daily and hectic life and find your peace in this guest house.

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