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vanity, grey marble, white sink, half round mirror, golden pendant with white bulbs, Hey Bird

Vanity, White Built In Vanity, Big Round Mirror, Golden Faucet, Brown Marble Wall
White Sink, Orange Wall, Green Wall, Half Round Mirror
Bathroom, White Floor, White Marble Wall, White Floating Cabinet, White Floating Toilet, Round Mirror, Round Golden Ring, Grey Wall
Black Wooden Accent Wall, Cream Marble Wall, Black Round Vanity, White Marble Top, Round Mirror With Round Ring
Grey Bathroom, Black Round Tub, Black Green Round Vanity With White Round Vanity, Circular Mirror, Golden Towel Rack From The Ceiling
White Modern Vanity, Round Vanity, Golden Cone Sink, White Marble Side Table, Modern Pendant, Long Oval Mirror With Frame
Vanity, Grey Marble, White Sink, Half Round Mirror, Golden Pendant With White Bulbs,
Black Marble Vanity, Green Wall, Brown Marble, Glass Pendants, Half Round Mirror, Black Indented Shelves, Golden Frame
Grey Wall With Fishes, Floating Vanity, Black Round Sink, Golden, Dark Grey Square Floor Tiles, Egg Shaped Mirror, Golden Sconces
Brown Paterned Wall, Indented Wall For Shelves, Golden Half Round Cabinet, Half Round Mirror, White Bulb Sconce

Vanity in the bathroom is probably not as essential as the toilet or the shower. However, for those who love to decorate and prettify the bathroom, the existence of vanity is really important. Not only it helps to store toothbrush and the likes but also to help you get ready. And it all can be done in a really tasteful way. One of the things that can help to prettify bathroom vanity is the mirror as it can help you create necessary effect. Here below are beautiful circular mirror that will make your vanity has more characters.

Thin and Simple Oval
This one here puts a thin and light mirror to complement the unique vanity. Although the vanity has strong character, the mirror is also brave enough to show pretty details on the thin and light design.

Stacked Circular Mirror
This one here puts a simple yet intriguing mirror. The stacked design makes it like it’s complicated but it is not. Te details therefore bring complements to the minimalist bathroom that is strengthened by pretty details.

Big Round Mirror
If you love to have a mirror that can show you from top to toe, you would love this one. With circular shape, this big mirror brings unique trait to the white simple built-in vanity. The big mirror looks elegant and grande.

Half Round Mirror
In this colorful setting, the vanity looks vibrant and fun. The half round mirror brings out even more fun ambiance as it looks uncommon but still simple.

Egg-Shaped Mirror
This one here puts a really interesting mirror to the vanity. The simple vanity is enhanced by its interesting egg-shaped mirror that goes really well with the golden sconces and black sink.

Golden Ring
This one here also puts a very interesting mirror to add the character of the vanity. The mirror has golden frame outside the mirror itself and it makes it really pretty. The mirror itself is not set in the middle of the ring but rather to the side of the ring.

Half Mirror and Half Shelves
This one here is another mirror that will leave strong impression on the vanity. The details are many and all are beautiful. The mirror is half of the round floating decoration on the wall. While the mirror takes half of the space, it is also beautified with golden lines. The shelves itself is black and indented, making the mirror part looks pronounced.

Planetary Mirror
This mirror below also puts an interesting accent with the ring frame around. Just like the previous one, this one puts the mirror quite on the side. And, making it more interesting, this one here puts golden sconces on the ring and outside the ring, make it look like satellites around a planet.

Golden Character
This one here puts a simple half round mirror above an interesting setting: indented shelve and golden half round cabinet. The symmetrical setting is completed by white sconce on top of the half round mirror.

Strong Gold
This below is another strong look that can be seen in a vanity. The marble gives elegant look and the orange hue puts an interesting golden effect. The half round mirror is placed vertically that makes it even more fun.

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