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Fantastic Gardens to Get Fantastic Ideas for Vertical Garden Plans From

Vertical gardens are undeniably awesome since they can beautify areas and help save space at the very same time. If you have a small space and you want to create a garden in that small space, you can try creating a vertical garden. Of course, if you want to create an awesome vertical garden, you need to create a plan for the garden first. Here are several fantastic gardens you can get fantastic vertical garden plan ideas from if you plan on creating a fantastic garden plan and a vertical garden is what you decide on creating.

In an Outdoor Area with Cool Chairs and Tables

The vertical garden below is dominated by green plants and it’s in an outdoor area with cool dark chairs with cushions and cool tables decorated by flowers.

vertical garden plans rattan chairs benches glasstop table concrete slab screen panels glass door climbing vines brick walls contemporary design
Peter Landers Photography

A Vertical Garden in an Area with a Very Long Bench

The vertical garden below is in an area with a very long bench with pillows that combine brown and blue to create a very cool look.

vertical garden plans benches throw pillows concrete pavers fire pit climbing vines door contemporary design

A Vertical Garden Hung on the Fence

The vertical garden below is on a fence and it has varied plants including green plants and and plants with leaves in colours other then green.

vertical garden plans planters white fences contemporary design
Charles C Hugo Landscape Design

An Eye-Pleasing Floating Vertical Garden

The vertical garden below is an eye-pleasing floating vertical garden that goes all the way to the upper levels of the building it’s on.

vertical garden plans black railing white brick walls planters windows door contemporary design
Alex Maguire Photography

A Framed Wall Vertical Garden

The vertical garden below is a framed vertical garden that’s hung on a wall. The garden decorates the wall and it has a bench under it.

vertical garden plans stairs railing concrete pavers glass doors hanging stairs built in bench wood frame planters contemporary design
Aleck Wilson Architects

Interesting Sectioned Vertical Gardens

The gardens below are interesting sectioned gardens on a brick wall. Each of the gardens have plants that are different from the ones on the other garden.

vertical garden plans stone pavers brick walls wood frame planters column covers contemporary design

A Vertical Garden in a Trendy Patio

The vertical garden below is in a trendy patio with two chaise longues standing on a wood floor. The garden itself has plants in varying colours.

vertical garden plans decking pool longues planters outdoor shower contemporary design
JKT Associates, Inc.

A Vertical Garden as a Living Privacy Screen

The vertical garden below functions as both a decoration and a living privacy screen. The garden protects the privacy of people spending time in an area concealed by it.

vertical garden plans wood stairs railing brick pavers walls white windows doors planters contemporary design
Daedalus Design Build

A Vertical Garden in a Trendy Backyard

The vertical garden below is in a trendy backyard with a small round-top table, two cool chairs and a small and low table decorated by flowers.

vertical garden plans metal framed chairs round table bench ceramic floors white walls screen panel contemporary design
Randle Siddeley

A Vertical Garden Functioning as a Living Wall

The vertical garden below functions as a living wall. It’s a beautiful garden that has many plants with leaves in varying levels of green.

vertical garden plans stone slab floors pools planters glass door white wall ceiling lights wood frame steps contemporary design
Kym Rodger Design

An Indoor Vertical Garden in a Bathroom

One of the most interesting things about the garden below is the fact that it’s in a bathroom. The bathroom the garden is in itself is a cool bathroom with a green bathtub, cool towel racks and more.

vertical garden plans flat panel cabinets freestanding tub hanging towel racks undermount sink granite floors shower pendants industrial design
S2 Design

A Three-Story Vertical Garden to Cool the House

The stunning vertical garden below is a three-story vertical garden that helps decorate the house and cool the building.

vertical garden plans decking metal railing plant pot glass door bench stone walls windows contemporary design
Contemporàneo Terraza Y Balcón

A Contemporary Vertical Garden in a Trendy Patio

The vertical garden below is a contemporary vertical garden in a trendy patio with two chairs and a small table between them.

vertical garden plans wood armchairs table steps beige floors white walls planters contemporary design
Dyer Grimes Architecture

A Vertical Garden in an Urban Backyard Patio

The area the vertical garden below is in is an urban backyard patio with cool hanging lamps, a long dining table and chairs accompanying the table.

vertical garden plans narrow wood table dining chairs centerpiece column ceiling pendants decking industrial design
Melbourne Total Landscaping

A Stunning Vertical Garden in a Small Outdoor Area

Despite being in a small outdoor area, the vertical garden below is so stunning because it has lots of well-grown plants that really help beautify the area.

vertical garden plans stone pavers metal chairs round table wood patio covers window wall planters contemporary design
The Garden Builders

Vertical Gardens in a Tropical Area

The vertical gardens below is in a tropical area with a tree. One of the gardens have lovely flowers and the other doesn’t.

vertical garden plans stone walls decking tree dining table pendant light fixtures tropical style
Artistic Design Works

A Small Vertical Garden on the Wall of an Eclectic Balcony

The small vertical garden below is on the wall of an eclectic balcony with cool orange seating and a cool small table on a carpet with cool patterns.

vertical garden plans orange bench small round table metal railing multicolored floors beige walls windows eclectic design
Cheryl Ketner Interiors

Small Modern Vertical Gardens on a Wood Fence

Below are small modern vertical gardens on a wood fence, which is a fence that protects an area with a grass field and a chair.

vertical garden plans grass flooring ceramic wood armchairs fence metal frame modern design
Singing Gardens

A Vertical Garden on a Brick Wall

The vertical garden below is on a brick wall and it’s a garden where various plants including chilli are growing and ready to be harvested during their respective harvest times.

vertical garden plans brick walls plant pots decking traditional design
Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez

A Vertical Garden Inside a Room

The vertical garden below is inside a room with a wooden table accompanied by two low benches, a ceiling fan, ceiling lights and a number of other things.

vertical garden plans wood narrow table benches chairs kitchenette stainless steel appliances cabinets grey walls double glass doors fans ceiling lights contemporary design
Alisa and Lysandra Interiors

A Vertical Garden That Functions as a Green Wall

The vertical garden below is a stunning vertical garden that functions as a green wall. It takes a large space and it’s where many plants are growing. It’s probably safe to say that somehow it looks like a small forest.

vertical garden plans sofa bench ottoman carpet floor to ceiling bookshelves chandelier light fixture contemporary design
Poliform Australia

A Vertical Garden and Concrete Pavers in a Patio

The combination of a vertical garden and concrete pavers is absolutely an amazing combination especially when it’s used in a patio with a table and chairs.

vertical garden plans dining table tall back chairs stone pavers beige walls stone decoration contemporary design
Kim Rooney Landscape Architecture

A Vertical Garden with a Very Cool Design

Below is a vertical garden with a very cool design, a vertical garden that finds its place in an outdoor area with cool seating.

vertical garden plans couch beige floors stone walls pillar planters contemporary design
Bright Green

A Green Wall Vertical Garden in an Area with a Chandelier

The vertical garden below somehow forms a green wall in an area with a chandelier, a very long bench with many pillows and an old-looking table.

vertical garden plans benches narrow table chandelier patio cover throw pillows shabby chic style
GreenSpace Vertical Gardens

An Asian-style Vertical Garden

This beautiful vertical garden is in an outdoor area with an interesting round-top table accompanied by four chairs. The garden is one you should try getting inspirations from if an Asian-style vertical garden is what you’d love to create.

vertical garden plans round table chairs plant pots steps brick walls beige pavers contemporary design
Janet Palk