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blue tiny backsplash tiles, wooden mirror cabinet, wooden vanity cabinet, grey marble top, black faucet Emily Bartlett Photography

Red Open Brick Wall, White Square Sink, Mirror, White Sloping Ceiling
Tiny Vertical Backsplash Tiles, Black Marble Vanity, White Round Sink, Irror, Black Wooden Cabinet
Black Horizontal Lines Backsplash, Grey Wall, Grey Square Sink, Golden Faucet, Wooden Cabinet
White Vertical Long Tiles On The Backsplash, Wooden Floating Vanity With Drawer And Shelves, White Sink, Mirror, Black Faucet
Tiny Vertical Backsplash Tiles, White Upper Wall, Tinted Mirror, White Table Sink, Black Metal Table, White Toilet
Orange Brick Horizontal Wall Tiles, Long Mirror, Grey Cemented Wall And Floating Vanity, White Round Sink, Patterned Floor
Orange Vertical Lines, Terazzo Wall, Terazzo Floor, Yellow Floating Vanity, Green Sink, Blue Round Mirror, Pink Accent Wall
Blue Tiny Backsplash Tiles, Wooden Mirror Cabinet, Wooden Vanity Cabinet, Grey Marble Top, Black Faucet
Blue Vertical Backsplash Tiles, Grey Floor, Blue Wall, Rectangular Mirror, Glass Pendant, Floating Grey Vanity, Wooden Sink
Black Vertical Long Tiles, White Cloating Sink, Black White Patterned Floor Tiles, Black Patterned Wall, Red Rug, Round Wooden Mirror

Having modern bathroom can be really simple yet still has some details that makes the room looks interesting. However, the details are usually still in moderate simplicity as in geometrical shape and lines. This will make a modern room strengthened yet still beautiful. Here below are ten bathroom with vertical and horizontal tiles on the bathroom’s vanity that brings a special touch.

White Vertical Lines
A vertical or horizontal lines are already simple and subtle details. However, with white colored tiles, the subtlety goes stronger. Seen in this one, not only that the backsplash is in subtle details, the floating vanity is in neutral color and floating setting too that makes the bathroom looks light.

Black Lines
Black has been popular for its depth and strong look. And this one here offers a simple details on the vertical installment. Completed with black patterned wall and patterned floor, the room looks merry and fun in black.

Tiny Vertical Lines
This one here shows a tiny vertical backsplash tiles which are combined with black marble vanity top and cabinet. This combination creates a modern with elegance touch on the vanity with marble and pretty sink. The golden touch puts more elegance too.

Grey Lines
While the previous one installs the tiles on all the surface or upper part of the wall, this one here install on the bottom part of the wall. Leaving the upper part in plain wall, it makes the upper part looks more spacious and the bottom part looks more fun with details and textures.

Tiny Bottom Lines
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses tiny lines as backsplash tiles. However, it is set at the bottom part of the wall and continues to the floor. This setting makes the room has an interesting effect. To balance it, white color complements the look.

Soft Blue
This one here shows a pastel look with blue vertical backsplash tiles with an interesting curve on the side. This creates an interesting texture and dimension to the room. Completed with grey floating vanity and glass pendant, this bathroom gets more and more interesting.

Tiny Blue
This tiny blue tiles on the backsplash, besides looking modern, looks sweet and cute. Completed with neutral wooden cabinet, mirror, and grey marble vanity.

Orange Tiles
To warm a modern bathroom, brown or orange colored can be used to help. Among this white terrazzo floor, wall and backsplash, this orange upper wall gives cheerful and warm note.

Orange Brick
In this minimalist bathroom with grey cemented walls and floating vanity, the patterned floor gives more accent while orange brick on the accent wall gives warmth to the room. the LED lights along the mirror gives another warm accent.

Red Brick Wall
Without backsplash, this red open brick wall shows an appealing impression with warmth and simplicity.

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