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Very Narrow Bedside Table Pendant Lamp Stainless Steel Table Shelf Built In Shelf White Pillows Wooden Headboard Table Lamp
Very Narrow Bedside Table Wallpaper White Wardrobe Black Fireplace Oval Standing Mirror Yellow Bedding Metal Bed Table Lamp
Very Narrow Bedside Table Dark Wooden Bed Wooden Headboard Long Chandelier Chrome Side Table Bench Throw Blue Bedding Pillows Ottoman
Very Narrow Bedside Table Industrial Wall Sconce Artwork Wall Mirror Stone Fireplace Foot Stool Armchair Wooden Bed Grey Bedding Table Lamp Pillows Rug Wooden Floor
Very Narrow Bedside Table Wall Mirror Stripe Wallpaper Wall Sconce Grey Table Lamp Grey Headboard Bench Drapes White Glass Door
Very Narrow Bedside Table Black Headboard Wooden Dresser Gold Wall Sconces Silk Pillows Beige Beding Grey Rug White Walls Drawer
Very Narrow Bedside Table Ceiling Fan With Light Wooden Bed Bench Pillows Table Lamps Armchair Windows Curtains Wooden Floor Area Rug Wooden Cabinet
Very Narrow Bedside Table White Frame White Bedding Blue Pillows White Wall Drawer White Headboard Glass Flower Vase Table Decoration
Very Narrow Bedside Table Grey Bedding Grey Pollows Artwork White Side Table White Table Lamps White Headboard
Very Narrow Bedside Table Red Pendant Lamps Red And White Pillows White Wall Trim White Walls White Bedding Shelves

A small bedroom must limit the furniture items which will be set there. You can look for a small furniture item for the dresser or bedside table. A very narrow bedside table is a nice choice to be the minimalist furniture items in your bedroom. Not only in a small bedroom, but this bedside table can also be put in a large bedroom. The very narrow bedside table may only provide a small shelf or a drawer. If you think that a table lamp is too larger for the narrow bedside table, you can install a pendant lamp or wall sconce. Here are some very narrow bedside table ideas you can get to make your bedroom more complete.

Bedside Tables with Reading Lamps

You can decide to use the reading lamps wall mounted as there is hardly any space on the top of the very narrow bedside table. The narrow bedside table is almost invisible since the bed placed really next to the wall.

The Narrow Bedside Table in Unique Design

This very narrow bedside table is tough to find but worth it. It a has unique design and long legs. This bedside table provides a small shelf where you can put some small books.

Pastel Color for Bedside Tables

This traditional large bedroom offers a canopy bed with the blue wooden bedside tables on both sides along with the table lamp. The bedside table is painted in pastel color which emphasizes the pastel look of the wall and bedding.

A Very Narrow Bedside Table in White

It is a concern if the guest bedroom is not really big enough for a double bed, you have to find very narr0w bedside table to make the bed space comfortable and complete.

White Bedroom Features

The design of this white narrow bedside table matches the style of the bed and the room. It offers a small drawer where you can put your smartphone.

A Farmhouse Bedroom

This bedroom features a black iron bed, very narrow bedside tables, floral wallpaper, a white wooden wardrobe, and a fireplace. The very narrow bedside table can be a place for a small table lamp.

A Stainless Steel Bedside Table

Modern style home often offers the mix and match minimalist and modern material. This very narrow bedside table is made of stainless steel and has a small rack to put some small books.

A Mirrored Bedside Table

The faceted bedside table looks marvelous in high-shine materials like metal, glass, and mirror. These finishes amplify the aesthetic and lighting in a room. Instead of a table lamp, a crystal pendant lamp is the substitute.

A Narrow Bedroom

This narrow bedroom has some space tricks. It uses the vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes and very narrow bedside table with a small drawer and a shelf.

Simple Concept

Maximize the bedroom space with style. This bedroom uses minimalist features such as a bed, narrow bedside tables, and red pendant lamps. The white hue makes it feel larger and red creates a nice color accent.

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