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tiny tiles with flowery pattern and blue background, white floor, brown wooden floating vanity, white top, white round sink, round mirror ASAR

Forest Wallpaper, Grey Wall, White Floating Toilet, White Sink With Metal Support
Bathroom, Marble Floor And Wall With Red Pattern, Marbled Top Vanity Shelves, Pink Textured Accent Wall, White Floating Toilet, Large Mirror, Patterned Wall In Shower
Tiny Tiles With Flowery Pattern And Blue Background, White Floor, Brown Wooden Floating Vanity, White Top, White Round Sink, Round Mirror
Vanity, Black Wainscoting, Patterned Upper Wall, White Sink, Round Mirror With Golden Frame
Powder Room, White Marble Floor, White Thin And Long Vanity, White Toilet, Flowery Wallpaper
Bathroom, White Subway Wall Tiles, Grey Floor Tiles, White Tub, White Sink, Black Faucet, Green Wallpaper Accent
Bathroom, Terrazzo Floor, Black Bottom Part Wall, Vibrant Upper Wall, White Sink, White Table
Bathroom, White Floor, White Subway Bottom Wall, White Vanity, White Ceiling, Flowery Wallpaper
Bathroom, White Marbled Floor, Swan Picture Accent Wall, White Tub, White Toilet, White Low Sink, Wooden Shelves
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Wall, Flowery Wall Tiles On The Shower

While some people love to have simple bathroom with minimalist details, some other love to have bathrooms with strong details that will make the bathroom merrier and fun. Pattern can be added with wallpaper or better yet patterned tiles as it would require less maintenance. These below are ten vibrant pattern that you can to your bathroom to catch its energetic spirit.

Bathroom Pattern
This bathroom combines elegance with the patterns to create elegance details. The patterns on the marble floor complement the brown and pink trees on the wall of the shower area. This pattern also continues at the wall in front of the vanity with large mirror. This mirror reflects the same pattern that it seems like the bathroom is surrounded by this pattern.

Tiny Tiles
While adding patterns can be done by putting wallpaper, in a bathroom, it is more ideal to install tiles as it would avoid mold. This one here shows a really beautiful sight with tiny tiles that creates brown flowers on blue background. This stunning installment surrounds the bathroom perfectly well.

Japanese Swan
In this Japanese inspired bathroom, the combination looks luxurious with its marbled floor, shelves along the wall with LED lights on the back, and swan pictures as accent wall. This combination not only shows great Japanese characteristics but also luxurious touches.

Colorful Forest
If bathroom is too humid for wallpaper, you can go with the powder room. This dry room will allow your wallpaper to stay longer. This one here shows an interesting room with colorful forest on the wall while also balanced with grey wall.

Sweet Wall
This one here puts wallpaper on the upper part of the wall, but not in the shower area. This remarkably dry area will let the wallpaper stays great. This one here shows a view with forest and pink touch that makes the bathroom looks sweet.

Mirror and Pattern
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts wallpaper on the upper part of the bathroom. And it puts it around the room. With mirror on the same level, it creates an illusion that there are no mirrors at all. This is an interesting detail.

Pattern on the Shower
If you want to make the pattern not too much but pronounced, you might like to put it on the shower area only, like this one. With patterned wall tiles, this shower area look interesting and pretty.

Tropical Look
For those who love to go vibrant, something tropical definitely would meet your wish. Balanced with black wainscoting, this one here looks strong and pronounced.

Flower in the Powder
This powder room goes all out with vibrant wallpaper that is installed on the entire surface of the wall. This makes this small room really interesting and becomes such a strong touch to the house.

Small Part of the Wall
If you think adding patterns to the wallpaper can be too much, try adding pattern on small part of the wall, like this one. As an accent it does not require too much and it is still strong enough to be a pretty accent.

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