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Victorian kitchen with warm brown marble flooring, grayish green cabinet with white counter top, wall mounted cabinet, island with brown marble top and sink, oven cook, warm yellow backsplash Alexander Otis Collection LLC

Victorian Kitchen With Warm Brown Marble Flooring, Grayish Green Cabinet With White Counter Top, Wall Mounted Cabinet, Island With Brown Marble Top And Sink, Oven Cook, Warm Yellow Backsplash
Victorian Kitchen With Worn Out Wooden Cabinet, Brown Marble Top, Brass Sink, Silver Stove Oven, Tile Backsplash
Victorian Kitchen With Brown Island White Top, White Cabinet Grey Marble Top Silver Sink, Tile Blacksplash, Rooster Mural Mantle, White Victorian Candhelier, Silver Stove Oven
Victorian Kitchen With Dark Wooden Island, White Wooden Cabinet With Black Marble Counter Top, Wall Mounted Cabinet, Cooktop, Brown Marble Chimney, Black Rustic Pendants, Brown Tile Flooring
Victorian Kitchen With White Island White Marble Top, White Cabinet White Marble Top, White Wall Mounted Cabinet, White Cipboard, White Victorian Chandelier, Silver Stove Oven
Victorian Kitchen With Brown Marble Flooring, Red Rug, White Island With Brown Marble Top, White Cabinet Brown Wooden Top, White Wall Mounted Cabinet, Chandelier
Victorian Kitchen With White Marble Flooring, White Wooden Chair, Brown Top Table With White Wooden Legs, White Cabinet With White Top, White Wall Mounted Cabinet, White Cupboard,
Victorian Kitchen With Green Island With White Top, Green Cabinet With White Top, Green Wall Mounted Cabinet, White Backsplash, Brown Orange Marble Wall, Brown Wooden Shelves, Chandelier
Victorian Kitchen With Dark Brown Island, Cabinet, Wall Mounted Cabinet, Chimney, And White Backsplash, Silver Oven And Stove,
White Victorian Kitchen With Relief Island With Grey Marble Top, White Wooden Cabinet, White Chimnet, Silver Oven And Stove, White Tile Flooring, Black Rustic Chandelier,

Decorating your kitchen can be really exciting as you can do so many things about the furniture. You can go simple, modern, or even classic. If you love to have classic theme, you will not regret Victorian theme in your kitchen. With Victorian, you will have the classic them you need and also the grandeur that it will, without falsity, give to your kitchen. It will work well for you who love to cook as well as for you who love to serve food for your friends in the island or in the dining table. If you have your friends and family come over, you can show them your kitchen with proud. Here below are some of Victorian kitchen designed beautifully.

Old Green Victorian Kitchen

This is a really beautiful kitchen to start. With its weather worn look on the green wood, you can get the sense of old comfortable room. However, it doesn’t leave the impressive look of a kitchen with its beautiful chandelier.

Victorian Open Kitchen

Even if you attempt to have old Victorian theme kitchen, it doesn’t mean that modern space will suppress you to have it. In fact, it will make the room airier and more beautiful. This one looks undeniably stunning for a Victorian kitchen installed in open space.

Weathered Dark Wood

If you really love how antique and old a kitchen can be, you will love this weathered look kitchen. Its beautiful ornate moulding in the ceiling starts everything from the top to the warm flooring to make it perfect.

Light and Dark in One

This is for you who love to combine the light and dark palette together. It balances the room and its black top makes it saver to have your cooking mess on top.

Rooster Accessories

With its white beauty on the cabinet on top and bottom set, it is a fresh accent to have rooster mural on top of the cabinet. And the rooster barstool’s back is also a unique touch on the set.

Grand Chandeliers

One of the beneficial characteristics when you put up with Victorian theme kitchen is that it makes your kitchen looks grand. And with some crystal chandeliers beautifully placed like in the picture below, you have added the grand character on it.

Snow White Victorian

This one in the picture is really beautiful for its white color palette it illustrates. Without exception of brown table top, all that goes in this kitchen is in white. It will give you the large illusion the nude color usually gives. And the fact that it’s white from the ceiling to the floor, it brings even larger effect.

White Fleur De Lys

One of the strongest characteristics of Victorian is the fleur de lys motive whether painted or embossed as relief. And if you want to go with that, you can try something like this picture.  The relief in the chimney is especially beautiful.

Relief on the Surface

This is another look for you who love to have embossed printed in your wooden Victorian cabinet. This will look amazing in your cabinet especially if you leave everything else rather bare.

Decorative Iron

Another beauty characteristic on Victorian room is the beautiful wrought iron used to decorate the room. You can see it in the chandelier or in the decoration on the cabinet.


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