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hexagonal wire on the wall, open brick wall, vine, black long pot Journal du Design

Pot Of Vine Hung On From The Ceiling, Trail To The Wall Above The Door
Hexagonal Wire On The Wall, Vine Plants, Plant On Pot, Blue Sofa, Wooden Floor, Rattan Stool, White Wall
Home Indoor Wall Climbing Plants Inspirations
Wooden Floating Shelves With Pots With Vine Grow Across The Room
Hexagonal Wire On The Wall, Open Brick Wall, Vine, Black Long Pot
Vines Pot On The Ceiling, Vine Trail On The Ceiling From The Corner, White Ceiling Lamp
Hexagonal Wire In One Line On The Wall, White Pot, White Rocking Chair, Vynil Floor
Vines Hung On The Pot From The Ceiling, Stool, Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Floor
White Pot, Vine Going Down, Wooden Book Shelves, Wooden Floor, Pink Rug,
Hexagonal Wire On The Wall, Vine Plants, Plant On Pot, Study Table, Wooden Stairs Chair, Grey Cabinet

Plants has been the strongest condition when you want to display green and eco-friendly look. It can be gained by adding pots of plants. However, if you want to add something different and more challenging, vine plants probably what you need. Adding vine plants indoor will create pretty and mysterious vibe indoor. With its green leaves, the ambiance will be fresher. For those who are interested in making vertical mini garden indoor, these vine plants arrangement might help you get more inspirations.

Trailing Plants
With vine plants that you lead to the wall, interesting pattern will be seen. This one here shows how pretty vine are when it follows the hexagonal wire hung on the wall starts from a plant in a pot besides the sofa.

On the Table
Similar to the previous one, this one here also shows the same practice on how to lure vine from a pot to the wall. It is surely an interesting touch for a serious study room. With vines arranged uniquely, your study or work will be fresher and less stressful.

One Line
Improvise the line of vine trail can be really fun. While the previous one has quite a big trails on the wall, this one here offers one line from the floor to the top. It is such a beautiful line. It’s perfect for those who love minimalist vine lines.

Across the Room
Going up and down are not the only choice in making trail with vine. Quite horizontal line like this one can be a unique and interesting look for the room. To start it, a floating shelves with pots of vine will do.

Trailing Far
Similar to the previous one, this one too has an interesting horizontal trail after it trails up to the ceiling a little bit. Because of the trail, it looks like it is the layer to the sofa.

Welcoming Vine
Not only in the living room, vine plants like this is an inviting look when you put it in the entrance. It creates warmth and fresh look at the same time.

Going Down
Contrary to some of the previous one, this one here goes through an easy path of going down. However, even the easy path is arranged beautifully in this living room .

From the Shelves
This one here has the same idea with the previous one. Growing down to the floor, this one here has layered the bookshelves beautifully.

Around the Door
If your vine has been long enough going down, you can move it to a more desired spot. Like this one here, although the vine is going down, it is put above the door to make a more dramatic line.

Change the Ceiling
Not only on the wall, vine can make mysterious look from the ceiling. If you love something unique that leaves stronger impression with greenery, this one here has shown you one of the tricks.

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