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bathroom, white floor tiels, white wall, wooden tub with white inside, pattern rug, wooden cabinet Bre Purposed

Bathroom, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, Grey Subway Wall, White Tall Tub, Rattan Basket, Stool, Black Floor, Black Partition
Bathroom, White Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Square Wall Tiles, Neon Peach Wall, White Tub, Black Vanity Table
Bathroom, Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Toilet, Patterned Rug, Black Cabinet, Golden Pots, Rattan Cabinet
Bathroom, Orange Floor Tiles, White Wall, Cream Wallpaper, White Sink, White Tub, Cream Curtain, White Shelves, White Sconce
Bathroom, White Wall, Blue Cabinet With White Counter Top, Golden Framed Mirror, White Sconces, White Bowl Tub, Patterned Floor
Bathroom, White Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Tub, Wooden Cabinet, Rug
Bathroom, White Wall Floor, White Tiny Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Patterned Rug, White Cabinet, Rattan Stool, Blue Ottoman
Bathroom, White Floor Tiels, White Wall, Wooden Tub With White Inside, Pattern Rug, Wooden Cabinet
Bathroom, Patterned Floor Tiles, Patterned Wall, White Cabinet, Mirror, White Sconces, White Tub
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Tub, Flowery Chair, White Marble Top, Round Mirror, Glass Chandelier, White Sconces

Traditional and classic look is always a dear. It warms your heart when you look into it. With traditional look in the bathroom, the time for taking bath would be more pleasurable. Not only that vintage look is warm, it also looks pretty as vintage look still lives triumphantly even in these days. If you’re looking for some inspirations, these bathrooms here are some brilliant ideas you can look up to.

Warm Bathroom
This one here offers an incredible traditional look with warm orange floor tiles and cream wall and curtain. The white wall and sink brings neutral look to the bathroom to balance the traditional look while the sconce on the wall brings in even more traditional ambiance.

Modern Vintage
This one here puts an incredble combinaiton on modern pattern on the wall and floor that goes along with the tub while the cabinet, basket and the rug bring traditional accent in the bathroom.

Strong and Bold
This one here puts a vintage look with strong and bold approach. The wall is in strong peach color with some combination with traditional square tiles. The paintings on the wall create a vibrant touch to the bathroom.

Patterned Background
This one here pulls put the traditional look by putting patterned wallpaper and floor as a warm and pretty background to the neutral white cabinet an tub.

Neutral White
Going on traditional look does not always mean to show off vibrant look of the bathroom. This one here able to bring out a pretty white look in the bathroom. The details on the sconce and the cabinet brings nice accents to the room.

Modernized the Vintage
This one bathroom has a really great space with tall ceiling and white subway wall all over the wall that makes it look even larger. The window on the back of the room brings even brighter room and these are completed with warm rug and cabinet.

Traditional Accent
In this one bathroom, the combination of the blue color, blue patterns, white color and golden lines are really incredible. The sconces on the wall put a little vintage touch along with the patterned floor and the cabinet.

Elegant Traditional
Although traditional likes to bring out warm look, this one here puts neutral setting in the room brings out more elegant background especially when it is accompanied with glass chandelier and the tall tub.

Warm Wood
This incredible bathroom with angled wall has been interesting even before it is decorated. But with the rug and wooden covered cabinet, this one looks even more comfortable and warm. The wooden details put a balance to the room and a match for he patterned rug

Geometrical Traditional
This large bathroom gives an interesting combination with modern geometrical 3D floor tiles and white wall. The room is completed with rattan basket and pattern rug that makes it fresh and warm. It looks comfortable and refreshing at the same time.

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