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living room with bright yellow vintage sofa, white black stripped side table, black sofa, black floor lamp Sarah Greenman

Antique French Walnut Table With Drawers
Shabby Dining Room With Flowery Covered Pendant Lamp, Wooden Wall Mounted Shelves, White Love Seat, White Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs
Shabby Living Room With Pink Sofa With Flowery Vintage Pillows, Brown Leather Ottoman, Colorful Striped Rug, Abtract Painting, Wooden Colorful Side Table
Living Room With Bright Yellow Vintage Sofa, White Black Stripped Side Table, Black Sofa, Black Floor Lamp
Victorian Bathroom With White Mosaic Tiles, White Bath Tub, White Fur Ottoman, Brown Wooden Vintage Vanity, Glass Sconces, Beautiful Chandelier
Vintage Bedroom With Crochette Bedspread, Tosca Wooden Cabinet, Tosca Chair, Colorful Round Rug
Tosca Vintage Cupboard
Kids Bedroom With Vintage Cupboard, Vintage Suitcase, Vintage Small Study Table And Chair, World Map
Living Room With Brown Wall, Grey Floor Tiles, Vintage Sofa With Grey Cushion, Long Coffee Table, White Wooden Rattan Chairs
Living Room With Rug, Long Vintage Room With Flower Motives And Strippes In The Back, White Legs

Furniture will always be an important part of the room due to its function that will remark the function of the room. There are so many kinds of furniture that goes into a room to say it’s a living room or bedroom. However it is not only the function that you can focus on but also the theme of the furniture that will tell so much about the owner. One of the popular themes across time is vintage furniture. And if you are fond of vintage furniture or trying to find the best one for your room, below are some great ideas to copy in some room.

Vintage Boy’s Room

Although kid’s room tends to be cheerful, putting some vintage furniture will not make a kid’s room looks old as long as you know how to arrange it. This one in the picture surely knows to pull out. With vintage cupboard, suitcases, and study table and chair, the room still manages to look playful for a kid.

Vintage Girl’s Room

This one is another beautiful vintage room for girls. The white crocheted bedspread creates e beautiful vintage bed. The blue cabinet and chair pronounce the vintage feeling more.

Shabby Cupboard

If you look for simple furniture that will look simple but still have the vintage ambiance on it, a shabby cupboard like this one will add a really different change to its previous look.

Bright Vintage Points

This room has been brightened by the bright yellow color of the sofa and the white and black stripped side table that seems to come from the 1960 era.

Shock Pink Sofa

In this shabby living room, although it is colorful, the one that stealing attention will be the pink sofa. And of course, the flowery vintage pillows added much more vintage look for this room. Along with the beautiful painting, the ottoman and the rug, this room is a collection of beautiful things.

French Antique

French antique is one of the popular antique furniture for homes. And it is understandable because this antique can beautify any soft colored room. With matched chairs, it can only be more beautiful even for a simple area.

Vintage Sofa

If you think you own a room that look dull or too simple, you can put vintage furniture so that the room will be more beautiful and has more character on it. With this one room, the vintage sofa added, the room looks more alive and beautiful.

1800 Sofa

One of the most beautiful things sometimes comes from the oldest thing. Like this one here, the 1800 Duncan Phyfe sofa is obviously the most essential point to make the room beautiful.

On Dining Room

If you want to make your dining room into the comfortable shabby look with vintage furniture, here is some example how to do so. You can focus on the table and the chairs that look beautiful together. You can also focus on the flowery fabric covered pendant lamp.

Victorian Bathroom

This is just a beautiful bathroom that looks both so pure and classically beautiful. With almost all in white furniture, the room looks pure. But the brown vanity and beautiful chandelier creates the vintage feeling heavily.

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