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retro living room, wooden floor, wooden chairs with light blue cushion, blue coffee table, white wall, wooden cabinet Design Sponge

Retro Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Blue Cushioned Wooden Chair, White Ottoman, Round Wooden Side Table, Wooden Console Table, White Shelves, Arch Ceiling
Retro Living Room, Brown Floor, Wooden Bench With Green Cushion, Blue Chair, Red Cabinet, Floating Shelves, Blue Coffee Table
Retro Living Room, Rattan Flooring, Brown Leather Sofa, Wooden Lounge Chair, Round Coffee Table, Wooden Cabinet, White Wall
Livign Room, White Floor, Rug, Grey Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Mustard Velvet Wooden Chair, Round Coffee Table, Floor Lamp
Retro Living Room, White Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Ceiling, Blue, Tosca, Orange Chair, Black Built In Shelves, Chandelier
Retro Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Chairs With Light Blue Cushion, Blue Coffee Table, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet
Retro Living Room, Pattern Floor, White Rug, White Sofa, Yellow Ottoman, Green Velvet Chair, High Coffee Table, Shelves
Retro Living Room, Patterned Floor Tiles, Wooden Table, Grey Sofa, White Wall, Floating Shelves, Wall Decorations
Retro Living Room, Red Rug, Wooden Chairs With Black Cushion, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Round Coffee Table, White Wall
Retro Living Room, Brown Wooden Floor, Wooden Entertainment Cabine, Brown Sofa, Coffee Table

Creating a look in a living room is fun. There are so many things that can be thought of. In making a retro look, there are many aspects that can help to acquire the look. It is because a classic items are long lasting and retro items just has the warmth perfect for a living room. Below are some gorgeous retro accents in a living room.

Cassette Player
Cassette player is such an old items that looks so perfect in a retro living room. Adding this one alone has make the room feels like coming from decades ago. The wooden entertainment cabinet is also a great furniture with great retro characteristic.

Color Combination
One of the things that makes retro look endearing is the colorful yet old hint on the furniture. Like in this one here, the mid century modern bench with green cushion looks lovable combined with blue chair and red cabinet on the back.

Mustard Mid Century
With bold warm color, an old look room that seems comfortable and warm is easily acquired. In this room, it is in the mustard velvet big chairs that looks sturdy and safe to sit for a long time.

Colors Gather
The wooden chairs and sofas gather in the center are beautiful. The sleek lines and warm tones from the chairs are perfect for the living room.

Retro Coffee Table
Even adding a small touch like retro coffee table can help the room feels more retro. The stripes blanket and the ottoman gives strength to the nuance too.

Cheerful Blue
The clean lines of the chair has brought a simple retro look. The mix of wood and fabric on the cushions as well as the coffee table are easy on the eye. The wall decoration of old book brings out the retro feeling.

Warm and Comfortable
In Java, Indonesia, the old time has been a time where pattern floor tiles look the most popular. And adding it in this living room ha brought an old time look in the room. The comfortable and simple sofa, yellow ottoman, and green velvet are an interesting combination of materials and colors.

The Comfortable Look
Many people said that leather sofa is one of the popular thing back then. And bringing faux leather sofa can bring out the old look too. Combined with simple wooden cabinet that is seen decades ago, this room offers its own warmth.

Grandma’s Living Room
The retro and comfortable looking in this living room is pronounced pretty well from the floor tiles, the simple wooden coffee table, the patterned blanket, and wall decorations. They all gather and brings the best vibe.

Warm Dark Living Room
Similar to the previous ones, this one also has an old and familiar vibe like it’s coming from decades ago. The wooden cabinet and table and chair compliment each other prettily. The rug brought warm to the room and even darker vibe.

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