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vintage settee custom dining chairs bold floral wallpaper chandeliers windows curtains dining table and cushioned chairs Coddington Design

Vintage Settee Tufted Sofa Brown Leathered Armchairs Glass Dining Table Tosca Chairs Vintage Skirt Wall Decor Colorful And Shag Rugs
Vintage Settee Custom Dining Chairs Bold Floral Wallpaper Chandeliers Windows Curtains Dining Table And Cushioned Chairs
Vintage Settee Mirror Fireplace Mantel Grey Coffee Table Windows Curtains Patterned Couch Pillows Side Table Floor Lamps
Vintage Settee Floral Rug Colorful Vintage Seetees Small Coffee Table Windows Artwork Brown Brick Walls Armchair Floor Lamps
Vintage Settee Chandelier Sweet Purple Walls And Ceiling White Trims Coffee Table Black Leathered Chair Artwork Window With Shade
Vintage Settee Brown Throw Black Accent Wall Fireplace Artwork Corner Windows Curtains Brown Traditional Rug Cabinet
Vintage Settee Black Leathered Couch Glass Coffee Table Chandelier Black And White Area Rug Floor And Table Lamps Indoor Plants
Vintage Settee Stripe Black And White Curtains Glass Coffee Table Pink Tufted Vintage Sofa Glass Side Table White Round Table And Chairs
Vintage Settee Green Vintage Sofa Patterned Area Rug Wall Decoration Vintage Coffee Table Armchair Flowers Vase Grey Floor
Vintage Settee Geometric Pattern Rug Black Framed Mirror Side Table Wooden Coffee Table Throw Table Lamp

A vintage furniture can bring an old memory and vibe to your home. Some vintage furniture pieces that can fill in your home are a vintage table and vintage settee. You can find various designs and colors for a vintage settee. It can also be combined with modern furniture pieces. A classic feeling in a modern home can be made with vintage settee. It will be suitable to be your living room and family room furniture pieces. Here are some charming vintage settee ideas that will inspire you to choose a nice vintage furniture piece for your home.

A Traditional Living Room

This vintage settee with some pillows has a little green color touch. It makes the room looks more natural. The traditional shape of this furniture can be a nice choice to fill in a traditional home. The wall decor and flower vase beautify this traditional living room.

A Mid-Century Room

This family and dining areas feature a dining table, custom dining chairs, a vintage settee, green rug, and a bold floral wallpaper. A large vintage silver-leafed mirror is placed behind the dining table to make the area feel larger. The chandeliers are also installed on the ceiling perfectly.

A Tufted Vintage Settee

This sage green tufted vintage settee is set off by the strong black and white geometric of the flatweave rug. Above the vintage settee, there is a mirror with antique black frame.

A Black Vintage Settee

Most of the popular living rooms have black and white color combination. This black vintage settee contrasts with the soft whites of the walls and curtains. It is a classic touch addition for the leathered sectional.

A Classic Living Room

This classic living room has a vintage settee, patterned sofa, a coffee table, and fireplace. Some colorful pillows can fille up the vintage settee. Besides the colors of the pillows, their patterns are also lovely.

Vintage Furniture and Decoration

If you want a small vintage family room, you can find vintage furniture pieces and a vintage decoration. A settee can be a stylish alternative to a couch. You can find a vintage silk skirt for the decoration.

A Sweet Pink Tufted Settee

This pink tufted settee is the anchor in this cozy family room. With its vintage vibe, it can still be a comfortable seating. It is paired with an oval glass coffee table.

A Corner Seating

A vintage settee can be placed in the corner of a family room as a reading nook. The daylight will brighten this corner space through the windows. The settee is also accompanied with antique Asian chest and grandfather clock.

Colorful Seatings for A Classic Living Room

This classic living room looks colorful. It features a Victorian sofa, blue and green armchairs, colorful floral rugs, and some classic table lamps. The brick walls on both sides of this room increase the classic vibe in this room.

A Breakfast Nook

This breakfast nook features a vintage loveseat upholstered in Holland & Sherry wool, a white framed photo, a table, and a black curvy chair.

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