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A vintage item can show the unique vibe in a room. It can be more memorable for the guests when they visit us. A piece of vintage furniture can be combined with modern furniture items. Since they can create a nice combination, your home will be more valuable and unique. One of the vintage furniture choices you can get is a vintage sofa table. This table is created to make the sofa a seating feature in a living room or a family room complete. Wooden and rustic metal materials are usually used to make a vintage sofa table. Here are some vintage sofa table ideas that will inspire you to have a vintage item in your living room.

An Investment Furniture Piece

This table is put behind the white sofa. The wood has a nice contrast to the sofa and gives a warm feeling in this living room. You can put a table lamp and some frames on it.

A Custom Made Coffee Table

A wooden trunk can be created as a beautiful vintage sofa table for a country living room. The low seating sofa is really suitable for the table. Here are some furniture pieces you can put in a small space especially with the bay window.

A Vintage Table for Cozy Space

This wooden table has a classic blue finishing which makes it look both vintage and cozy touch. The shabby chic slipcover in white also welcomes the guests well.

A Vintage Table for Sectional Styling

A vintage sofa table can be designed in pedestal style for a sectional sofa like in this living room. The neutral color tone is also applied to make a calming atmosphere.

The Vintage Pieces

These vintage furniture items come with character and sentimental charm. Mixing the vintage furniture items alongside the modern treasures create an interior that every piece has a history.

A Walnut Coffee Table

This is a minimalist style living room which features a sofa, a coffee table, and a comfy bench. It is a comfy replacement of armchairs or another sofa. The vintage sofa table is made of walnut which can be easily designed to your preference.

A Round Coffee Table

Create a nice display for a living room in your home. The wooden round table has no corners to anchor pieces on makes it a perfect seating space. Add a darker stain on it to make a vintage style.

A New Look With Patterns

Mix some patterns in one place to make a casual space for everyone. Rattan material of the coffee table can show a nice pattern which completes the vintage sectional look.

Coffee Table for The Classy Sofa

Recycle can be an easy way to get unique furniture items in a budget. A wooden trunk is placed as a vintage sofa table in this room.

Vintage Rustic Coffee Table

This small living space features a vintage rustic coffee table which is way darker than the leathered sofa and armchairs. They provide enough seats for the guests.

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