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raw rustic walk in closet idea with taller island and chair at center Western Design Intl

White Melamine Walk In Closet Organizer Original Red Brick Walls Grain Veneer Floors Idea
Dark Choco Walk In Closet Idea For Kids Which Consists Of Flat Panel Cabinets Adjustable Shelves Mini Hanging Sections
Large Grey Walk In Closet Organizer For Wardrobes Light Colored Wooden Floors
Custom Wooden Made Walk In Closet Organizer Dark Wood Floors Wood Siding Bench Idea Floor To Ceiling Glass Window Idea
Narrow Walk In Closet Organizer In White And For Lady Wood Color Flooring System White Rug
Elegant White Walk In Closet Organizer For Men
Luxurious Traditional Walk In Closet In Warm Tone And Skylight Addition Chair Slipcover Unique Hooker For Jacket Or Coat
Modern Rustic Walk In Closet Idea With Cool Shabby Finishing And Black & Solid Top For Cabinetry
Mini Walk In Closet For Men Minimalist Sofa Under Window Recessed TV Set
Full Height Walk In Closet Organizer Idea Consisting Of Hang Sections For Clothes Open Shelves White Cabinets White And Long White Shelves Idea Medium Tone Wood Floors White Fury Rug

Lowes is the best alternative for you who want to find and shop the dozens of storage systems in various models and types. Walk in closet organizers Lowes becomes one of most favorite product chosen by most Lowes’s customers because they’re effective and able to store all wardrobes into a well-organized ones. They’re also stylish and provided in so many models. Find and shop one you like to help you organize your wardrobes in eye-catching and stunning closet organizer. And here are the options of Lowes’s walk in closet organizers you may want to see. Please, check them out.

Bottom-to-Top Walk In Closet Organizers for Low Roof and Wall Rooms

Bottom-to-top walk in closet organizers become the best choice for low roof and wall rooms like a house’s loft. Arrange the closet organizer by near of long shelves in order to create L shape storage system. This idea helps us to save much of space. A little window with shutter will help us to get sufficient natural lights from outside.

U-Shape Walk In Closet Organizer for Men

This U-shape walk in closet organizer is specially designed for men. The designer uses dark wood material to build this storage system. The storage has complete storage items in which each item can be used for storing different kind of wardrobes. The storage consists of hang sections for clothes, shoes shelving system, flip flop rack, drawer system, and open shelves. The room is also equipped with a backless chair.

White Walk In Closet Organizer for Lady’s Shoes and White Cabinet System in A Vaulted-Roof Room

Use inner space of vaulted roof as the part of your walk in closet organizer. This idea has been represented by the picture above. Shelving system for lady’s shoes are installed in walls and upper part of vaulted roof, while the lower part is used for the windows which provide the natural lights. In another wall’s side, there is another shoes rack plus white cabinets.

Narrow & Vertical Walk In Closet Organizer in Mud Room

Improve your mud room by adding it a narrow & vertical walk in closet organizer. You can use this closet organizer to store your boots, shoes, and other kinds of footwear. The upper area may be used for storing your jackets, rain coats, and other daily outers in well-organized arrangements.

Mid-Sized Walk In Closet Organizer with Barn Door and Low Staircase Additions

This concept is so unique. The homeowner adds decorative interior barn door for hiding her mid size walk in closet organizer. She also adds low staircase as the base of walk in closet organizer. These two additional elements are surely seldom to use for any storage systems.

Recessed Walk In Closet Organizer with Ventilated Shelves and Door

Create an anti-mainstream closet in your laundry room. Just by moving your drying and washing machines into your recessed closet organizer, you’ll have much more space for other uses. Complement your recessed closet organizer with ventilated shelves and door in order to get good air circulation within your closet.

Wire-Made Walk In Closet Organizer Idea

Wire-made walk in closet organizer becomes another best alternative for achieving an efficient-space for storage. This closet has multi storage sections like hang sections for clothes, shoes racks, boxes of storage, open shelves, and cabinets with wire doors.

Contemporary Walk In Closet Organizer for Men in Mid Size

A mid-size walk in closet organizer for men looks so elegant and stylish. This idea of closet organizer is a perfect choice to store all men’s wardrobes in organized system based on categories. As we know, most of closet organizers have different sections for each category like shoes rack, hang section, open shelf, cabinet system, drawer system, and box of storage.

Dark Wood-Finishing Walk In Closet Organizer for Low Walls Dressing Room

Create an elegant dressing room by building dark wood-finishing walk in closet. To pursue the balanced and harmonious look, install dark wood flooring system and other supporting interior elements like low-lighted pendant lamps, light beige center chair, and small window on top.

Traditional Walk In Closet Organizer

If you love traditional home design, you may adapt this walk in closet design for your home. The closet has been supported with a large center table and animal-prints chair. All closet’s body is covered with white finishing to create clean look.

Small Walk In Closet Organizer for Small Dressing Room

A small dressing room has to be equipped with supporting elements in good proportion. Like this small walk in closet organizer; each storage section is designed just in a few numbers, so they can save the space. A single pull-up window here significant roles: as light & air ventilator and interior ornament.

Dark Walnut Walk In Closet Organizer

Dark walnut walk in closet becomes the main element in this dressing room. To maximize the room’s function, the owner adds large dark walnut center table with granite top and drawer system. Both closet and center table have similar color tone and they look so special among light beige interior elements.

Custom Walk In Closet Organizer for Modern Dressing Room

Make your dressing room much more completed with such custom wooden-made walk in closet. This kind of closet really fits your modern dressing room. Floor-to-ceiling glass window, in addition, lets the natural lights illuminate the whole room, so the owner at least just uses less energy for lightings.

Narrow Walk In Closet Idea for Maximum Use

A narrow walk in closet idea with maximum function; this closet has been supported with several storage additions like jewelry storage, hookers for scarfs and accessories, and vanity with mirror.

Small Walk In Closet with Linen Curtain Addition

It’s so unique because the closet has been inserted with linen curtain. Its small size just makes it to be a storage system for small stuffs like the accessories, magazines, books, and small boxes of storage.

 White Minimalist Walk In Closet for Small Vaulted-Roof Room

A long walk in closet organizer in a vaulted-roof room; the closet has many of storage options and it is kept in bright white cabinets accented by hardware and dark wood.

Recessed Walk In Closet in Mid-Size

A recessed walk in closet in mid-size is particularly designed for kids. The size suits kids’ stuffs like clothes, footwear, toys, and other stuffs.

Best-Quality Melamine Walk In Closet in White

Industrial white melamine walk in closet organizer allows original red bricks walls and grain-finishing floors tie together as the perfect combination.

Cool Shabby Grey Wooden Walk In Closet Organizer

Grey wooden walk in closet organizer has been equipped with a built-in ladder to make the user easier in accessing top areas. At the center of room, there are two melamine sittings which have been integrated with a grey center table. All these grey-finishing elements are more striking after being collaborated with wood floors and green interior.

White Melamine Walk In Closet Supported with White Melamine Center Island

White melamine walk in closet with extra shelves, cubbies, and hanging sections. It has been featured with white melamine center island plus its extra drawer system. With such closet organizer, you don’t need to worry about the storage space availability.

Light Wood Color Walk In Closet Idea with Shoes Rack & Handbags at the Center

This may be called a corner walk in closet organizer. The closet is made from light-toned wooden and the center one has been accented with white finishing surface.

Walk In Closet with Taller Hanging Sections

If you observe carefully, this walk in closet organizer has taller hanging sections for longer dusters and jackets. Another attractiveness is that the closet is beautified with cool shabby floors and two chairs in similar tone of color.

Cedar-Finishing Walk In Closet Organizer

Cedar-finishing walk in closet organizer is able to improve this modern dressing room with cool shabby white walls interior.

L-Shape Walk In Closet Organizer with Dark Wood Finishing

A dressing room which is dominated with wooden elements is always interesting. This dressing room, for instance, has wooden-made walk in closet in darker wood-color as the finishing. This closet keeps so striking with softer wood-color floors and white-painted walls.

Teenagers’ Simple & Small Walk In Closet Organizer Idea

This teenagers’ walk in closet organizer includes the adjustable shelving system, vertical drawer system, and double hanging sections. To make it nicer, the designer uses pink as the closet’s back panel.

U-Shape Melamine Walk In Closet Organizer in White

A U-shaped melamine walk in closet in white has been collaborated with mix white and dark wood-color interior. Such collaboration has enhanced a new and modern look. The closet consists of several hanging sections, drawer systems, and cabinets.

White Melamine Walk In Closet with Stainless Steel Hardware

Another option to achieve an elegant but simple dressing room is by combining white melamine walk in closet organizer and cool shabby wooden floors. Both represent the natural and industrial application.

Mini Walk In Closet Idea in Choco-Colored Finishing

Maximize the storage space in your daughter’s room just by adding a mini choco walk in closet organizer. The closet has various storage sections like small hanging, adjustable shelves, and flat panel door cabinets. Each storage section can be used for storing many kids’ stuffs like clothes, toys, books, dolls, etc.

Full Height Walk In Closet Organizer in Grey

This full-height walk in closet organizer is made of mix glass and melamine. The closet is designed in modern minimalist style, and consists of multi choices of storage sections like drawer system, front-glass cabinets, and shelves.

One-Sided White Walk In Closet Organizer with Full of Elegance

Men love simplicity and elegance. This walk in closet represents what men need about their storage solution. This closet is built in dominant white, creating the visual effect of clean, simple, and elegant. White siding flooring interestingly adds another white element, so if you love full white interior, you can adapt this idea.

Traditional Walk In Closet Idea

Feel warm and luxurious dressing room with such traditional walk in closet. The closet is built in full height and beautified with comfy carpet in beige. A chair slipcover and cloth hookers are provided to accommodate the extra storage, especially for hanging jacket or coat. At ceiling, we’ve found mid-size skylight as the additional lighting source.

Walk In Closet Organizer Idea for A Sloping-Roof Dressing Room

This walk in closet idea is so fabulous. The owner maximizes his sloping-roof room as functional dressing room equipped with stylish wooden walk in closet. Another side of wardrobe storage is built a mid-size skylight for providing sufficient natural lights.

Small Walk In Closet Organizer with Optimum Function

Optimize your small walk in closet like this walk in closet idea. This closet includes many adjustable shelves, hanging sections, and flat door cabinets. On top of shelving system, you can use it for storing and organizing your big case.

Fitted Walk In Closet Idea with Little Sloping-Side

Fitted walk in closet organizer is a clever idea to create a practical and effective storage for wardrobes. This kind of closet is efficient-space, so it suits for a small apartment, house, or other living spaces. Obviously, this closet has unique design in which one of closets is asymmetrical. This design, of course, follows the wall’s shape nearest the closet.

Walk In Closet Design with Clear Acrylic Sliding Door

Create your privacy when you’re taking on/ off dress just by adding clear/blurred acrylic sliding door in your dressing room. You may want to maximize your dressing room’s function by adding center island and other additional furniture like chair and powder vanity.

Floor-to-Ceiling Walk In Closet with Movable Wooden Ladder

This white melamine walk in closet is supported with movable wooden ladder which is operated with hardware railing system. This ladder helps the user to reach the top areas out. Why white and wood color? Both are contrast in color. When two contrast tones are collaborated, they are able to result beautiful interior color.

White Melamine Walk In Closet Idea in A Slanted-Roof Dressing Room

Actually, this is a hallway which is then designed to become a stylish dressing room. The room is furnished with a green chair and white melamine walk in closet. Uniquely, you’ll find a hanging section inside the pull-out cabinet. A rounded window with white frame here is the interior’s decorative item.

Recessed Walk In Closet Organizer with White Finishing

This recessed walk in closet organizer has been built in bedroom area. To accommodate the storage needs, the closet has been divided into multi choices of storage like vertical drawer system plus shoes rack and hanging sections.

Long & Corner Walk In Closet Organize in White

It’s a great idea to optimize a vacant space in your bedroom. Like this picture; the homeowner uses his vacant space as a dressing room and walk in closet as well. The closet is designed in white in order to be matched element with interior facade. Some recessed lamps are installed on top of closet to result warm and low lighting.

Kids’ Traditional Walk In Closet with Door

This traditional walk in closet becomes one of best storage solutions for kids. Here, kids can organize their wardrobes and other stuffs like toys, bags, shoes, and others. With this storage, at least kids’ stuffs will be well-organized.

Grey-Finishing Plywood Walk In Closet Organizer Model

This grey walk in closet organizer has everything we need. It’s made of best plywood and has grey finishing. With full features, it’s possible to store any wardrobes.

Walk In Closet Idea with Separated Storage Items

It’s a good way to maximize a low and slanted-ceiling room. We can use it as cozy and stylish dressing room where a set of walk in closet organizer has been commonly installed. This one is an example of walk in closet with separated storage items. Each kind of storage is separated and laid on different spots. At the center, there is an island with extra storage.

Fitted Walk In Closet with White Frame

Compared to other fitted walk in closet organizer,  this closet looks so different. This one is garnished with white frame and wood grain finishing. Its size keeps making it optimal in storing wardrobes and other precious collections.

Farmhouse-Style Walk In Closet Idea with Sliding Barn Door

One thing that makes this room so interesting is the use of hardware and hardwood for door. The door is wooden which is designed as a sliding barn door. The door itself is supported with hardware railing system. Here, the homeowner wants to show the balanced use of natural and industrial products in one application. Natural products are represented by hardwood and hardware items, whereas the industrial products can be found at melamine walk in closet organizer.

Walk In Closet Organizer with Floating Cabinetry

If you need a walk in closet with full features, this one may be the best choice for you. The closet is constructed from white melamine and hardware additions. If you observe carefully, you’ll find a floating cabinetry which is integrated with open shelves at top.

Ultimate & High End Walk In Closet Organizer Idea

This dressing room is marvelous. A high end walk in closet organizer has been featured with lighted & front glass shoes rack and a built in island at the center of room. Interestingly, the island has artistic motifs as the beautifier.

Floating Walk In Closet Idea with Cedar as the Material

floating cedar made walk in closet organizer wooden floor idea

Custom Contemporary Homes

Take a look at the base of walk in closet, they’re floating. This model is rarely found in most furniture stores. That’s why, most of floating walk in closet organizers are provided in customized designs. The closet displayed on the picture is obviously made from cedar and divided into several storage items, like cabinetry, hanging sections, and open shelves.

Small L-Shape Walk In Closet Idea

Make your small and unused space more useful by conversing it into a small dressing room. To accommodate the needs of storage and dress-changing, you can add a walk in closet organizer into this dressing room. Choose small closet and complement it with other supporting furniture.

Modern Rustic Walk In Closet Idea

Modern rustic has been applied as the main theme for this walk in closet organizer. The material is built in gentle, clean, and simple design, displaying a real modern rustic theme. The closet also has been constructed with several choices of storage like storage for ties, bags, shoes, folded clothes, accessories, and many more.

Traditional Rustic Walk In Closet Organizer

The homeowner selects traditional rustic as the main theme of dressing room. This walk in closet looks shabby but cool, exposing the beauty of traditional style. The homeowner combines it with rustic accent displayed by dark-finishing wooden floors. This combination is so stunning, right? They’re contrast but complement each other.

Rustic-Style Walk In Closet Organizer for A Log House

Rustic walk in closet needs to add to accommodate a dress-changing and storage needs. In a log house, for instance, the closet require to design in similar theme to the house itself, and rustic becomes the most recommended and matched theme for such living space. To empower rustic appeal, the homeowner chooses black and wood color as the main finishing.

Manly Walk In Closet Organizer in Dark Rustic Style

Men love something simple but elegant, like this walk in closet. The closet is designed in rustic with darker finishing.  At glance, the whole interior is covered in old and shabby finishing, but such tones are men’s favorite.

Rustic Glam Walk In Closet Idea in Hallway Area

This rustic-glam hallway area is very attractive. The area is inserted with small walk in closet organizer. The closet itself exposes many options of storage and all these storage items are covered with dark finishing. Hardware additions like hookers are added to facilitate the users requiring the series of hanging sections for ties. Dark granite top applied on cabinetry improve the level value of room.

Small Walk In Closet Idea for Hunting Utilities

It’s always fun to store the precious hunting utilities in safe and organized place like this hunting walk in closet organizer. To suit ‘men nature’, the closet is designed in manly closet by covering it with hardwood finishing and hardware addition. Attractively, the closet is furnished with movable wood ladder with black wrought iron railing system. This ladder is intentionally added to help user in reaching out the top areas.

Built-In Walk In Closet in Minimalist Style

A small dressing room can be optimally used only by adapting the built-in walk in closet. Make sure that you’ve chosen matched style of closet in order to keep it fitting with your dressing room’s style. This closet is apparently designed in minimalist with soft grey rug and blurred glass windows additions.

Hardwood Walk In Closet Idea with Full Features

Soft beige interior of dressing room is highlighted by hardwood-made walk in closet system. Such combination provides friendly look for eyes staring at, and of course this is a tone-balanced closet product.

Minimalist Wooden Walk In Closet System

All is beige. Beige here is the dominant tones and applied in whole interior items. The difference is in beige’s gradation level which is specifically covered on chairs, floors, window curtain, ceiling, and even the closet. These tone choices, then, result charming and warming look.

Recessed & U-Shape Walk In Closet Organizer in Dark Finishing

This modular walk in closet system is unique, a reflection of dynamic and free lifestyle. The closet has aesthetic and elegant finishing, and the most interesting thing is the color configurations used on the closet. Those color configurations are textured grey, off-white, darker Oak, and Walnut.

Modern Custom Walk In Closet Idea with Monochromatic Color

If you want to remodel your old closet, this monochromatic walk in closet may be your choice to apply. The concept is unique, modern, and stylish, so it suits for modern people’s choice who love modern custom storage solutions. To make this closet more attractive, it needs to be collaborated with light-colored interior like light wood color for floors and white color for ceiling.

Raw Rustic Walk In Closet with Western Theme

This Western-style walk in closet is particularly designed for men, especially they who love adventure or any other outdoor activities. Like other Western-themed storage systems, this closet attaches some features (open shelves and hanging sections) to facilitate the storage needs. Extra storage and built in chair are also added at the center of room.

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