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wooden high ceiling closet sliding door glass floor dark wooden floor open shelving cabinet marble vase Danenberg Design

Floor To Ceiling Closet Dark Wooden Cabinet Spacious Hanging Clothes Space Wooden Floor Tribal Patterned Carpet
Dark Wooden Closet Full Length Closet Contemporary Drawer Pulls Spacious Wall Mirror
Contemporary Built In Closet LED Light Ladder Rail White Closet Adjustable Shelves
Contemporary Floor To Ceiling Closet Open Shoes Shleves White Open Clothes Shelves Glass Covering Cabinet Splendid Light
Blue Decorative Closet Flower Patterned Rug Splendid Hanging Lights
Buit It Closet Wall Mounted Shoes Rack Open Shelves Jewelry Shelf
Wooden High Ceiling Closet Sliding Door Glass Floor Dark Wooden Floor Open Shelving Cabinet Marble Vase
U Shaped Contemporary Closet A Floor To Ceiling Cabinet Black Cabinet Open Shleves White Storage Boxes Glass Wall
Full Height Closet Sliding Glass Door Wooden Floor Grey Rug Adjustable Shelves
Full Height Contemporary Closet Open Cothes Shelves Mirror Door Closed Shoes Rack Patterned Rug

The need of clothing, shoes and accessories that support your appearance has been more and more. Right now, you will not only require the closet to keep your daily clothes, but also to accommodate your various collection. For every occasion and  every mood you need different style of clothing, this article will provide informative source to help you decide which model suitable for you.

Immense Walk Through Closet

If you have big number of collection requiring large space, this model is your choice. It has two sides of floor-to-ceiling dark wooden closet. The first side is two-layer hanging clothes shelves with numbers of closed smaller shelves while the other one is close modeled cabinet. The tribal patterned carpet is well applied with the light wooden floor.

Medium Need Closet

The white built-in closet is heavenly matched with with dark marble floor on the ground. The shoes rack and the open shelves in this closet model are preferable for you in medium need of collection. The contemporary closed shelves are available if you think that the stuffs not need to be exposed.

Japanese Style

The design of this walk through closet is so stunning by the brown covered features. It is large space enabling you to keep the exclusivity by its sliding door. The vase is beautifully standing on the glass floor. It is adorable.

Sliding Glass Door

If you want to have the elegant simple closet, this model is preferable for you. You can get the elegant feeling, from this dark colored cabinet combined with the glass sliding doors. The grey rug is in line with the dark tone. It, however, can balance the spotlight of light wooden floor.

U-Shaped Closet

This u-shaped closet is typically walk in. However, the gorgeous model and color can beckon your attention. It has spacious hanging clothes spaces and adjustable open shelves. The top of this closet can be used to be the free storage painted with white which is well applied to the dark dominated color.

Feminine Model

The model of this walk through closet is so feminine covered by dominant white. The multiple of clothes shelves will accommodate your interest. The glass shelves to put the shoes and bag collection are available to present the glamour of yours.

Wall Mounted Racks

If you have children, this simple mini design of closet is suitable for your children’s need. There are enough spaces for the clothes and the open shelf specially designed to collect the accessories. Th wall mounted shoes racks are the special feature, you could share the space with your children’s too.

Unique Blue

When you want something new out of the custom colors of white, brown and black, you should choose this one. It does not require spacious space indeed. However, with the blue colors, the hanging lights and the flower patterned carpet, this walk through closet still looks appealing.

LED Inside

This large white closet is stunning with the LED lights inside the glass doors. What’s more unique? You may use the rail ladder there. It is such an exclusive creativity.

Stunning Dark Wood

This model offers you dominant closed closet with its adorable dark wooden material and its contemporary door pulls. The full-height mirror is another considerable feature you must try.

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