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blue wall painting with bamboo and flower picture, white wall, moroccan pendant, wooden floor, wooden console, white table lamp, rattan basket Luke White

Blue Flower Wallpaper As Wall Accent, White Wall, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Table
Oriental Painting , Blue Wall, Flowery Sofa, White Wooden Side Table, Flower
Pink Wall, Pink Wallpaper, White Wainscoting, Round Dark Wooden Table, Striped Chair
Flamingo Wallpaper Accent Wall, Green Accent On The Side, White Framed Wall, Thin Wooden Console Table, Sconces, Pendant
Bird Wallpaper Corner, Blue Wainscoting Wall, White Wooden Vanity, White Floor Tiles, Golden Framed Mirror, Sconces
Green Wall Accent, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Table Lamp, White Chair, Brown Rug
Blue Wall Painting With Bamboo And Flower Picture, White Wall, Moroccan Pendant, Wooden Floor, Wooden Console, White Table Lamp, Rattan Basket
Abstract Painting, White Wall, White Cream Chair, White Bench
Tall Flowery Painting, White Wall, Golden Console Table, Wooden Floor
Pink Wall Accent, White Wall, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, White Chairs, White Side Table, Pink Tufted Ottoman

Walls in the room can be decorated in many form. It can have wallpaper or painted in many ways. One of the interesting things to do in creating a pretty room is by decorating the wall with some accents that is more flexible than wallpaper but still can make a strong change. This can be done by putting some wall accent. These bellow are some refreshing and beautiful accents that will inspire you.

Small Blue Flowers
The first one here is a simple example of wall accent. This one only needs simple trick with wallpaper. Instead of covering the entire wall, the wallpaper can act like paintings and create its own area while maintaining the original wall seen.

Abstract Painting
Another easy way to create wall accent is by hanging an interesting painting on your wall. This one here hangs an abstract painting that blends smoothly with the white surrounding.

Three Accents
This one combines three panels of the wall to create a beautiful accent with paintings in the middle and matching but plain colored accent on the left and right. This corner looks absolutely stunning.

Blue Bird
This one here combines blue wainscoting wall at the bottom of the wall with fresh patterns of wallpaper. This combination can work not only in the bathroom but in any corner of the house.

Oriental Bird
This shabby chic living room looks so comfortable to hang around. And the oriental kind of painting on the wall accentuate the beauty of the living room that emphasizes the natural touches.

Golden Painting
In the hallway where sometimes the wall is bare, you can add an interesting touch with tall painting like this one here. You can swap with wallpaper too. The key is to find the best thing that will support the look you want to achieve.

Pink Accent
Although accent seems like a light decoration, you can go more than putting decoration, like this one here. You can install wallpaper in the way this one shows you. Don’t forget to pick the one that will pronounce the beaut of your room.

Main Attention
While you want to put some accent, you might want to think about making it the main attraction. This one here has turned the wall into the main attraction of the space while the table and chair as the completion to it.

Pure Look
This one has a pure white look with the wall, cabinet, lamp, and the chair. The green accent on the wall makes the setting looks even more interesting. It balances the pure look in white and the fresh and natural look.

Asian Vibe
This entrance looks so strong with many ornaments. The tall wall accent looks oriental and matches the blue vase on the console table while the Moroccan pendant looks strong in its own way while also blends with the view perfectly well.

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