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colorful blocks on the wall Pinterest

Colorful Blocks On The Wall
Rustic Wood Wall Decoration With Brown And Blue Panted Wood
Two Tone Wooden Art Wall
Grey Wall With Wooden Decoration With Yellow Small Shelves For Pots And Accessories
Grey And White Wall With Wooden Shelves On Line On The Wall
Wall Chiseled With Tree, Flowers, Grass Image
Wall With Backdrop Fo Green Board, Golden Vertical Lines, Plants Shelves
Grey Wall With Blue, Pink, Grey Wooden Shelves Zigzagging On The Corner
Mural Wall Painted With Soft Pink And Green
Murals Wallpaper With Pink Crystal Wallpaper

Some room is better left plain, especially when you want to get tranquility and peace without anything that will disturb you. However, sometimes, a little decoration will not hurt. Sometimes it brings stronger ambiance without disturbing the peace. But of course, if you would prefer something unique without caring about the tranquility in a certain room, you would love to see some ideas to bring out the more creative plan for your room.


Small DecorationsĀ 

If your plan is giving a little hint of decorations, this tiny shelves can be a great things to put on your wall. The bold yellow color will leave strong impression. The white accessories only makes the yellow stronger and stronger to the eye.


Zigzag Shelves on the Corner

This one is bigger from the previous one but it gives more colorful with much more choices of color both in the shelves and the accessories itself. If your wall is something that is not too stand out, this kind of decoration will definitely live up your wall more.


Crooked Shelves

This one is another shelves that is designed really beautifully and modern too. With only two minimalist colors of grey and white, this will not grab too much attention. However, the beauty is from looking at it in detail.


Soft Abstract Paint

Next, if you want to decorate your wall braver an bolder, you can paint mural on your wall and give it more permanent look. To start with, a soft pastel colors would not make it boring but with more retained boldness.


Murals Wallpaper

If you want mural colors but you think painting is too much to do, you can pick less complicated options: wallpaper. There are many kinds of options you can pick and it’s less complicated.


Chiseled Wall

Besides all those, another amazing way to decorate your wall is by make it chiseled and have more embossed surface in your home. With chiseled wall, the room will create more real feeling and obviously it will give more textured.


Natural Textures

Another thing to do to add more texture is by having something bold and adding different surface on the wall. In the picture below, you can see the green large board on the wall and the shelves with plants on it that have different surface to the wall. It’s not only that, the golden vertical lines also add the texture while giving all the look completed and balance.


Wood Arts

There is an artsy options for you who love getting more artsy and simple at the same time. On the picture below, you can see the perfect solution for it. This wood decoration is in two toned only but itĀ  gives modern and edgy feeling around it.


Hard Textured Wall

If you like to try braver action and put wood wall art, you will love this wood mosaic put on the wall. It will give the room the feeling of rustic, natural, and artsy.


Colorful Blocks on the Wall

This is for further actions to the bold surface on the wall. With this, the room will light up to the maximum cheerfulness and it will not be boring at all. This is a really great option for a living room or an office.

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