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Various Sliding Door Hardware

Having sliding door in your home to part rooms, or for your wardrobe can be exciting. It gives you the feeling of different and it will give your house a great deal of decoration touch. There are some kinds of sliding door: bypass door, Arcadia door, and pocket door (where the door disappear into the wall). When you talk about sliding door, it is not only about the door but also about the hardware that allows the door to slide. Here are some of the hardware you may want to consider.

Closed Wheels

This is pretty standard hardware for sliding doors. It has steel rail to make sure the door can glide perfectly.

clear anodized fascia
Johnson Hardware

Exposed Wheels

The exposing wheels give rustic barn door look to your door. It looks sturdy and strong to slide your door.

black powdered broze wheeled sliding door hardware

Minimalist Steel Wheel and Rails

This one gives compact and simple look. The rail is on top and the wheel in the matched color glides perfectly.

stainless steel slim sliding door hardware with visible fasteners

Rails with Pretty Wheels

This one is in thin and small size but with its high quality steel, it will last long. The beautiful rustic look is perfected with the wheels made from black steel and wood in the middle of the wheel.

rustic steel sliding barn door

Horseshoe that Slides

This one is really pretty with its long round thin rails and wheels with hanger that looks like horseshoe. It will fulfill your need of sliding door hardware and also give a perfect touch to your decoration.

reclaimed sliding door
Refined LLC

Rustic Hanger on the Door

This one is also really beautiful. It brings back a memory of movies that has time setting in the old days. It will give you the rustic feeling of a castle.

fleur de lis metal sliding door hardware
Spiral Stairs of America

Black Sliding Door

This simplicity of the hardware will give you exactly what you want, especially if you want to look for a door that will give the best nuance.

black long sliding door hardware with black round wheels on top
Roam Design

Simple Sliding Door Hardware

This one is one of the simple ones that looks not too heavy on your door.

stainless steel panel on panel sliding door hardware with flat track
App Wood Doors

Modern Sliding Door

The glossy touch on the hardware makes it looks so modern and stylish that needs to be matched with a modern and stylish door.

high quality stainless steel sliding dooor hardware

Rustic Barn Door

This one gives the barn door look perfectly. It will be perfect for you who cares about the rustic theme.

rustic grey steel sliding door