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white walls with decorative black arrows prints lower and smaller yellow entrance door a set of white fluffy chairs with white round top table kids' monochromatic tent with under white fluffy rug Brech Buhler Architects

Pure White Walls Idea With Bright And Dazzling Green Bulletin Board Single Floating Shelf In White Orange And Green Modern Chairs Simple White Bed Frame With Headboard
Bright Blue Walls Idea Unfinished Wood Buffet For Kids Cream Tent With Darker Brown Polka Dot Motifs Two Layer Carpet Pink Bean Bag Chair Wood Rocking Chair For Kids
Red Wall Painting Idea With Big White Bubbles White Bed Comforter Medium Toned Wood Floors
Deep Light Pink Walls Idea Medium Toned Wood Floors Traditional White Bed Frame Traditional Area Rug In Traditional Style White Classic Pendant Lamp
Kids' Room At Lower Attic Space Mid Size Skylight Wood Floors And Walls Grained Ceiling
Light Beige Wall Garnished With Colorful Butterflies White Bed Comforter Orange Blanket Colorful Round Accent Pillows Corner Bench Behind Twin Beds
White Painted Walls Acccented By Blue Line At Base Black Bunk Bed With Ladder And Navy Blue Mattress Black Music Instruments Cowhide Area Rug
Antique Style Girls Room With Blue Painted Walls White Bed Frame With Headboard White Bedside Tables White Floating Shelving Units Monochromatic Area Rug Under Bed Medium Toned Wood Floors
Girls Room With A Couple Of Pink Armchairs With Fluffy White Pillows Feathered Chandelier Silver Toned Center Table In Round Shape Fluffy White Area Rug White Shelving Unit Some Animal Stuffs
Pink To White Walls Idea Simple White Bed With Headboard White Area Rug Independent Cubes Mounted On Walls Pendant Lamp With White Fluffy Accent Wood Floors

Kids’ favor changes often. As the parents, we need their input when you want to make a change or something related your kids room. Let the kids choose and decide what room they like. When we’re browsing the kids room remodel ideas, make sure that each detail is seriously thought to get the best one. Also, consider the colors, accessories, and wallpapers that can be replaceable easily. Well, here we have tens of wall paint ideas for kids room. Probably these options will be your next reference for next remodel project.

Lalaloopsy Girl Wallpaper Idea in Soft Pink

Beautify your kids room with this wallpaper. The color suits your little girl and Lalaloopsy Girl becomes one of most recommended one to attract her. Consider the furniture and other supporting items in similar color like this soft pink storage, study table and chairs, area rug, and even the bed comforter.

Japanese Wall Stencil Paint Idea

Stencil motifs are delicate but lovely. This one is inspired from Japanese’s classic design which is commonly used for decorating boxes of lacquer, Kimonos, and decorative floor screens. You can mix this kind of motif with another stencil motif, or you can also use this motif alone to create a contemporary interior wall.

Hand-Painted Wall Idea for Kids Room

This is hand-painted wall idea with book shelves integrated into the tree’s branches. This idea is so unique and we can play two different paint colors with similar value (lightness or darkness). Make sure to consider the color proportion we’re going to use in order to produce balanced wall painting.

Light Grey Painted Walls Accented by Multicolored Wallpaper

This a neutral-gender playroom is equipped with many kids’ playing properties like chair, fluffy side chair, bean bag chair, clean-line table, cool tent, and some hang cute animal sculptures. All these properties are in striking color. The walls are also cool with multicolored wallpaper.

Light Beige Colored by Pretty & Colorful Butterflies

Another attractiveness of this kids bedroom is the wall paint idea. The butterflies colorize the walls which are covered with simple light beige paint. If you observe carefully, you’ll find lightly-carved leaves patterns around the butterflies. The wall color choice, actually, is similar to the area rug’s color scheme, but different in the darkness level.

White Wall & Huge Bulletin Board Will be Paired Off

White & white will be paired off, it’s no matter if we feature it with any stunning or striking elements like colorful wall arts, cute accessories on white bulletin boards, colorful table and chairs, multicolored area rug, light-colored bed linen/ comforter, and many others.

White Bubbles on Red Wall Paint Idea

Optimize your attic by using it as your kids bedroom. Turn it into a stylish and cozy room just by re-painting the walls with such wall painting idea. The idea is giving white bubbles pictures as the pattern and bright walls as the bubbles’ background. The walls will be so stunning if you pair it with clean white bedroom furniture and accessories like in this picture.

White Wall Paint with Small & Colorful string Lights Addition

It’s gonna be a perfect room for kids who love playing at their bedroom. The room is equipped with colorful string lights that are installed on the white walls (particularly at the top of headboard). This string lights give the sparkling look at day and night by their colors. If the kids want to go sleep, we can turn this string lights off.

Map Wall Paint Idea among White-Painted Walls

If you have older kids like teens, this wall painting idea probably attract them. This concept is awesome and rarely used. The map isn’t merely an ornament, but it’s also the source of knowledge that’s so useful for your kids. It’s a smart idea to use such wall decoration to increase our kids’ knowledge level. Isn’t it?

Chalkboard Feat. Clean White Wall Paint for Kids’ Playroom

It can be said that this room is an eclectic neutral-gender kids’ playroom. The room is filled with cozy and cool tent like the American Native’s tent, perhaps. The homeowner installs a chalkboard for wall by purpose: to be redirect-attention maker for the kids and everyone getting in this room. Its clean white wall paints, in addition, have softened that chalkboard wall, so they balance each other.

Light Blue Walls with Colorful Bubbles Ornaments

Lightly color fits any color application. Like in this picture, light blue walls become perfect background for colorful bubbles ornaments. Creative wall art with heart-shaped picture plus its mini decorative butterfly also beautify the walls. They look so stylish after being collaborated with white open shelves for books. And you know guys, a shabby-linen tent is just a sweet decoration for this interior.

Pastel Wall Painting: Warm and Elegant for Girls Room

It’s still about the soft or light color schemes; pastel is one of color schemes which beautifully soften any objects and color around it. Just add something striking and interesting like the wall arts, red lantern, or just small floating storage to make the walls look rich of colors and textures.

Again, Soft Beige Featured with Decorative Letter Board

soft beige walls with decorative Letter board wood loft bed with ladder small bedside table rustic console table simple white storage idea medium toned wood floors

Shelly Chung Design

A set of wood loft bed with ladder seems matching with everything made from woods. But here, one thing that attracts us the wall color choice and its application. It’s so smooth, clean, and warm when we’re collaborating it with such wooden furniture.

Inspiring and Funky Wall Painting Idea for Pre-Teens

This idea is cool and funky. It can be a reference for you parents who want to remodel your pre-teens. The walls expose hand-painted decorations which are dominated by green and white. Yellow here is just the color accent.

White Walls with Bright Green Board Decoration

This is an inspiration for small kid bedroom. White is often used for helping in creating an illusion of wider space. You can feature it with all white furniture like bed frame. But if you want to try the application of pop-colored furniture, it isn’t wrong. It’s available for you to add dazzling green and orange chairs in such room, as seen in this picture.

Pure White Walls Spotted by Small Black Pyramid Prints

White walls with little bit black pyramid prints offer clean and simple look. The room becomes warmer after a set of custom loft bed being added. Knitted area rug here also support the bed for making the room much warmer in look. A set of small white furniture, in other hands, is provided to give a cozy spot for kids to play.

White Walls Accented with Golden Dots

Simple and elegant: the words depicting this wall idea. The clean white walls become much more cheerful after being added with hand-painted gold dots. Complete the room with simple white bedroom furniture and make them contrast by installing medium-toned wood floors.

Let’s Play with Pop Colors for Kids Room

This idea shows yellow and white for walls, creating perfectly clean color combination. Both are able to be the contrast for each object underneath. Interestingly, the homeowner puts beautiful flower prints in one of white walls’ corner. The flowers, of course, offer the freshness for kids playing in this room.

Blue-White Diamond Cut Wall Paint Idea for Girls Playroom

Simple and small floating shelves and hung-tent become the attractiveness in this playroom. Both offer the uniqueness especially for the little girls who love playing dolls or just need a cozy place for playing with their cute dolls. The wall painting idea, in addition, gives the accent color and motif for this room.

Keep Clean with White Wall Painting Idea

Create clean and simple kid’s room just by using clean white painting for walls. Such wall installation also fits for modern minimalist room which is equipped with simple-design furniture. Full-length working table like in this picture is just one of examples that suit for such interior idea. Pair it with simple & minimalist bed frame plus wood-made open shelves to give the warm nuance and look.

White-Purple at Halfway Installation

white purple wall painting in halfway application purple decorative tent a couple of white small chairs and table single floating shelfin white light toned hardwood floors traditional white bed settee

Perfection Makes Me Yawn

It’s possible for parents to apply this idea: white-purple at halfway. The walls’ colors are good combination and obviously create attractive and stylish appearance. With these two colors, we’re free to pair them off with other interior items that are similar to those walls’ color schemes. Please, pay attention to the picture, we’ve discovered that all interior items are made in similar color to the walls.

Clean Walls with One-Centered Kids’ Stuffs

White painting that is covered on walls creates clean and simple look. These spots are free to combine or to install any interior accessories and furniture. For kids, we need to design the room where they’re cozy and homey when playing or spending their time to study. By this main reason, it’s important to provide the things (like the furniture and accessories) they most needed. Just place all things at one centered-spot to make them easier to access anything they need, such in this picture.

Soft Grey Wall Painting for Soft Monochromatic-Themed Kids’ Room

If your kids put their interest in monochromatic interior design, it’s best for you to adopt this idea. It’s actually easy to create a lightly monochromatic concept for the kids’ room. Just use light or soft monochromatic schemes for that room. Light grey, for instance, perfectly suits for kids’ monochromatic room. It’s gonna be much clearer if we involve clean white furniture and accessories as one package.

Soft Grey Walls Accented by Ladder & Hookers

Make the grey walls and white bed frame become a perfect couple. Accent it with decorative ladder with hookers in white. We can use the hookers to hang the little girl’s doll or note on. Grey here lets making the white color scheme looks so clean and gentle. Add another soft color like blue (like this area rug) to make this room cheerful and fun.

Soft Grained Wood Walls-Ceilings Decorated by Low Skylight

Turn your vacant attic into a cozy and warm playroom for your kids. Add railing installation to protect your kids from falling.  Like the other common attic space, the slanted ceiling-wall can be built a mid-size skylight that’s able to provide the sufficient natural lights, so we can do energy efficiency at day. Then, both ceiling and flooring colors are considerably chosen in similar tone to create warm and cozy spot of playing with friends.

White-Shabby Wallboard Combination for Gender-Neutral Kids Playroom

It’s fun to combine white and shabby wood-boards for a kids’ playroom. Warm wood siding boards as if make cold white wall warmer. The room is much more comfortable after being completing with several interior items like modern white settee, wood chair, ladder-shelves, and modern blue area rug.

Chalkboard Wall & White Wall Side by Side

Use full-height chalkboard for walls. This smart idea is so recommended especially for kids who love writing or drawing on the walls. As the parents, you don’t need to worry about the dirt found at the walls. Just let your kids do what they want to do on walls. Even, provide them colorful chalks for writing or drawing whatever on their mind.

Peachy and Homey-Mood-Creator Wall Painting Idea

It’s full of warm and homey feeling. Just from the wall color choice, it’s gratefully creating much of comfort for both look and nuance. We just need to add one of two pieces of furniture/ room accessories on it. A chair with an accent pillow, for instance, is the best choice to add the comfort level in this room. Stick some cute stickers or ornamental hookers as the walls’ accent.

White Walls Accented by Bold Blue Line at Base

Walls and floors are painted in similar tone of color: white. The walls’ base is accented by bold blue line for giving the accent. The designer also uses dove-black loft bed with ladder to make the room much more space-efficient. A couple of music instruments are also added, giving a perfect combination especially for the bed. The cowhide mat and lifter hung on ceiling, actually, are just the room’s accessories.

Soft Pink-White Wall Painting in Halfway Installation

This is simple but full of elegance, luxury, and warmth. Equip such girl’s room with simple white & custom bunk bed with stairs. Storage under bed and stairs are the excellent storage space. To make all things balanced and harmonious, choose pink and white as the primary colors of each interior item. One more, put golden ornaments on ceiling lamp for adding a warming and luxurious accent light.

Dark Wall Painting Option plus White Slanted Wall Idea

This room has two different wall colors: dark for vertical wall and white for slanted one. The slanted wall is equipped with large skylight which can provide amounts of natural light.  In other hands, the dark wall painting offer a contrast look to loft bed furniture which is finished in grey. This idea is so interesting and inspiring for being adapted in mid-sized kids room.

Pink-To-White Wall Painting Idea

Make the kids’ room unique just by doing a simple treatment on walls. Create a color gradation like pink to white, for instance, gives special and extra ordinary look in that room. Combine it with dominant white furniture like bed frame, console table, and several cubes that are independently mounted on wall.  Wood floors here also need to be garnished by something clean and fluffy like white area rug.

Monochromatic Wall Idea for Boys Room

Monochromatic wall painting is another idea of stylish and timeless wall decoration. White and black interior items and accessories need to be added in order to optimize the theme of monochromatic itself. Take a look at each item involved in room; most of them are in black or white, or combination of both white & black.

All-White Kids Room Idea

Not merely walls, all interior façade are covered by white, appearing clean, large, and simple look. The room becomes brighter as it has large-size skylight that’s able to provide large amounts of natural lights. Non-white items are added to give any color accents in room.

Lightly Grey Walls Idea Beautified by Dominant Blue Tone

Grey in light value is free to collaborate with any color tones, including pop and neutral. In this idea, it’s clear to see that a hand-paint colorizes this flat and light grey wall, giving the fun color and accent on walls.

Multicolored Wall Painting Idea

Green, grey, and blue cover each side of walls. Such wall painting idea allows us to decorate them in any styles with any items. As seen on the picture, the homeowner chooses dark wood bed frame and pop-colored accessories as the interior items that fill the room.

Diamond-Cut Walls & Stripes Ceiling Combining

Blue is one of kids’ most favorite colors. Use this color for remodeling your kids’ room, especially the walls. To result a soft, warm, and elegant look, choose light blue and feature it with any contrasting colors as seen on the picture. The picture exposes beautiful light blue walls accented by white diamond-cuts. Although there are many patterns on walls, it keeps affecting on making other objects are simply clean.

Beach-Themed Wall Painting for Kids Bedroom

Blue is relatively connected to beach and ocean. That’s why most of interior designers use it as the primary color of beach-themed house designs, including beach-themed rooms. Combine it with white for emphasizing airy look. Make sure that the furniture placed also suits for such room design idea. White bed frame, round top side table in blue, and boat-shaped book shelves are the examples of furniture that fits such kind of kids room idea.

White Walls Decorated with Numerous Black Arrows Prints

This playroom is a paradise for kids. Each interior part offers different uniqueness. The door, for instance, is smaller and finished in bright yellow. This kind of door model must be so interesting for kids and accessible for them. The door is easy to allow kids to access it. When the kids enter the room, they will find several attractive objects to play. There are monochromatic tent with fluffy white rug and pillow, a set of small furniture and many smaller kids’ toys.

Light Purple Walls Idea Garnished by House-Shaped Shelves for Storage

Dark-toned wood floors are not merely used for rustic house designs; kids’ room can also become one of targeted spaces where we can use dark-toned and solid wood floors. In this picture, we’ve discovered the dark-toned wood floors are beautifully featured with soft purple walls. Here, the purple walls clearly give the softness effect for the floors. Soft-toned furniture choice also gives similar effect to the overall wood floors.

Pure White Walls and Blue Fireplace Addition

This playroom is fun but clean. The walls are painted in white and accented by blue fireplace that’s then used as an excellent storage. Globe-map and other interior accessories equip this room, providing the space where the kids can play and learn.

Sweet Pink-Painted Walls Idea with Black Flowers Stickers

Pink in light value allows to combine with any color tones, including black. As seen on picture, black flower stickers give the special accent on walls. Black-framed window also gives the special look. Pair this wall idea to black, white, or grey to create a beautifully sharp contrast in room. A fluffy pink mat here adds girly element suiting for a little girl’s room.

Pink-Painted Walls Garnished by Beautiful White Paper Dragonflies Ornaments

It feels so warm, elegant, and peaceful when seeing such room. This kids’ room uses pink for walls and small but cute white paper dragonflies as the ornaments. A kid’s size armchair in pink is placed to provide a cozy sitting area for kid. Light purple area rug also offers another comfy spot if kid need the larger space for playing. Yet, there is another element which is also attractive, especially for kids or everyone getting in this room: a standing lamp with colorful shades.

Bright Blue Walls for Gender-Neutral Playing Zone

A traditional kids’ room – exposing bright blue walls and double-layered carpet for a warm and cozy spot. The room collaborates with unfinished buffet and dark-finishing wood rocking chair. A mini tent here is the room’s accessory as well as functional item for kids.

White Walls with Memorial Picture Frames

Perhaps it’s so common to apply white for walls, including for kids room. But this one is different. The white-painted walls are beautified by numerous picture frames that capturing all sweet memories, especially the memories about the kids. It must be fun if we put those memories frame by frame on our kids’ room. Add wood floating shelves to put kids’ magazines, books, or other kids reading sources. Don’t forget to place a cozy reading chair in this room.

Deep-Light Pink Walls Idea for Girls Room

This is an inspiration for trendy and girly girls’ room. The walls have two different value-level but in similar color tone: pink. The deep pink painting is applied for base and lighter one is used for covering half-top-walls. The homeowner uses white clean lines or baseboard as the divider. To give a contrast look, the homeowner puts white-framed pictures and small windows on walls.

Charming Purple Walls Idea

A traditional little girls’ room with soft but charming purple wall painting idea. Overall, it feels comfortable and inviting. The purple on walls and white on furniture are really gonna be a perfect combination if they are paired off. Just add purple-colored interior accessories to make this room girly.

Soft Blue Walls in Antique-Look Girls Room

Antique bedside tables, bed frame, and even the table lamps are all in white. Girly pink bed linen and pillows are provided to accommodate the little girls during sleeping. Soft blue is chosen for walls, helps to create cool, clean, and calm look in room.

Sophisticating White & Light Pink Walls for Girls Room

It’s lovely – a sophisticated playroom designed for girls. The walls are painted in two color tones: light pink and clean white. Both are soft, timeless, and flexible to combine any color tones. They look sweet with light pink curtains installed on windows. The room is cozier with a couple of pink armchairs plus their whit fluffy pillows. White-finishing shelving unit is placed on corner, providing the easier access when our girls want to reach their favorite books in.

Multicolored Wall Paint Idea for Boys Room

Give much more fun and attractive look in your boys’ room by re-painting the walls in more than one palette. Like this idea; the homeowner selects blue, navy blue, yellow, and grey as the primary colors of walls. If you want to adopt this idea, make sure that the chosen colors are applied in right and precise proportion. Furnish your room with neutral-toned furniture like white and you may feature it with other interior items that are similar or at least identical with the colors you’ve used.

Dazzling & Sophisticating Kids Room

It’s probably too dazzling, but it’s favorite for kids. Fill your kids’ room with striking color choices as they love something colorful. Most psychologists say that such colors are able to stimulate kids’ brain, so this idea becomes one of effective way how they learn. Also, such method is obviously good for increasing kids’ creativity.

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