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Wire Hexagonal Cage Shelves
Clear Glass Triangles With Stones And Small Plants Inside
Cacti Inside Beautiful Box Pots And Clear Glass Cage
White Pot Bed With Pots Arranged
Yellow And Brown Pineapple Shaped Wall Planter
Square Wire Shelves In Different Size, With One Corner Made For One Same Size Small Pots
Wire Hexagonal Wall Shelves With Horizontal Partitions
Plants Pot Installments Big On The Wall
Round Wire Shelves With Some Partitions For Shelving
Grey Triangular Pyramids Wall Planters That Open In One Side

While the previous one is talking about plants planters on the table, this one here will discuss about wall planters which actually do not lose from the beauty of table planters. With the wall planters, you do not have to have tables. You just need plain wall and it can be your playground in decorating. Well, let’s just dig in on the beautiful kinds of wall pots that will make great difference to your wall.


Clear Triangles

In this first pot, you will get innocence and beautiful feeling to your wall. With this clear glass triangles random-like placed, your wall will look  artsy, fresh and beautiful.


Beautiful Cacti

Cacti have been one of the most favorite indoor plants thanks to its low maintenance care. And it’s also really pretty, green, and serves you so many shapes. And with that, you can easily combine them all in one pot without getting all difficulties. With this wall pot, the plants will look as if it’s so abundant that it falls. It’s a great tactics to make your room look close to nature.


Fresh Pineapple 

Another beautiful wall planter is seen here. With the shape of pineapple, this one here successfully turns the cacti into fresh pineapple. The bold and cheerful color will no doubt make your wall merrier!


Wired Hexagonal

This one here has lighter design that you can do it yourself. With wires, the shelves is hexagonal and it’s enough to put pots inside. But of course you will need your own pots which you can play it cool too. You can add some colors to the pots if you want.


Triangular Pyramids

If the idea of showing your plants in an unusual way is still dear to you, this triangular pyramids opened in one side will be your favorite. With one side open, you can arrange which way the opened sides face and you will get different effects the plants have, whether supported or falling to one side.


Minimalist Square 

If you love minimalist theme, you will love a simple wall shelves like these ones that enable you to put your pot without looking too much. The choice of pots coloring can be neutral too with green of the leaves as the only bright color on your wall.


Round Wire Shelves

Still in wire categories, this one is in round shape with some partition horizontally placed to enable you to put your plants and other accessories. With this one, you will get the minimalist feeling but still have some details on it.


Hexagonal Shelves

Similar to the previous one, this one is also made from wire and have some shelves on wood horizontal partitions. However, this one is in hexagonal shape. both are great to your wall on minimalist yet beautiful decorating the canvas well.


Pot Bed

If you prefer to combine some pots in one place on your wall, you can install the installment for putting pot on it by sliding it. It’s easy, can afford some pots and plants at once, and it’s beautiful.


Spread Well

If you like the idea of having big installments of plants spreading beautiful on the wall, you will like this thin shelves that is arranged beautifully on the wall. Taking the corners and high wall perfectly, this one will surely make your wall magnificently bask in nature.

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