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Beautiful Practical Wall Bookshelves for Your Home

Bookshelves can be pretty and practical things to have in your home. And for those who love to read, books are treasures. And treasures are supposed to be kept safely and if possible, beautifully. Of course, the most precious treasure should be saved in the best place. And if you love books, or you simply love arts and can’t wait to have beautiful bookshelves to decorate your room, here are some of ideas of wall shelves that is simple yet beautiful.

Floating Shelves

This might be the simplest shelves you can get mounted on your wall. You can simply attach a block of wood that have smooth straight surface that you can get from a craftsman and attach it to your wall and get something like this.

floating wall mounted book shelves from wood

Wall Mounted Simple Shelves

This is another great shelf that you might like. This one is simple and gives airier feeling to the room. With its white color that matched to the room, it looks great.

white long wall mounted book shelves

Display Shelves

In a nursery, it is good to show the cover of the books so that it adds color to the bedroom. And display shelf is the best thing to do it. For kids’ books, you can have something slimmer and thinner than the one you use for standard size books.

brown wooden wall mounted display selves
By Fryd

Group Display Shelves

In this picture, the idea of display shelves broadens into each square. So you can group the books with the similar theme or title or maybe for the same age.

white wooden wall mounted display shelves placed per block
Danielle Sykes Photography

Book Shelves across the Wall

For you who love books very much or you just simply comfortable to keep your things neatly in a small nook of the shelves, book shelves in the entire wall can be fun too. In the picture here, they even put the television on the part of the selves. And of course, to reach the books in high places, you are going to need stairs of stool.

brown wooden shelves accross the wall
Malcolm Davies Architecture

White Rhombus Bookshelves

With rhombus shaped nook, you will have your book aesthetically arranged. You can arrange it neatly in order or stack it on top of each other.

white wooden modullar book shelves accros the wall

Surround the Window

This is another great idea on wall shelves. By making it as part of the window, it looks like your shelves have its own clear view and the home office room can look brighter.

whte wooden book shelves surrounded the window
Smith and Vansant Architects

Surround the Archway

This is another great idea. Putting your books neatly around the arch way can make the archway look unique and it certainly saving your space if you make it built-in.

dark wood book shelves surround the arch wall
The Works

Hanging on Top of Your Table

If you have your own nook or small space to work, you can have this one pretty thing here to be attached to your room. It will be practical for your books and other things too, and it will look beautiful in your office with the threaded rod that makes the shelves looks like hanging from the ceiling.

white wooden wall mounted book shelves supported by threaded rod
John Donkin Architect

In Front of You

This is another great idea to put your shelves in your office. With this area width, you can have the shelves width in the same inches and make the shelves supported by the wall.

contemporary home office (1)
Blackbox Design Studios