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grey cupboard with zig zag lines, shelves, white chair, grey rug Decoholic

Grey Cupboard With Zig Zag Lines, Shelves, White Chair, Grey Rug
Green Cupboard With Wooden Handler, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Window Ceiling
Grey Lined Cupboard, Modern Look, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Blue Ottoman, Wooden Cabinet
Wooden Cupboard, Wooden Floor, Brown Curtain
Grey Cupboard, Rattan Accent, Wooden Floor, Rattan Ottoman, White Wall
Black Cupboard, Glossy Bottom Look, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wall, White Headboard, White Sconce
Green Smooth Cabinet, Grey Floor, Concrete Wall, Glass Pendants
Green Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Wall
Black Cupboard, Mirror, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug
Gloss White Wardrobe, Shelves, Grey Round Ottoman

Sometimes, when people decorate their bedroom, they care more about bed platform and the accessories. It is understandable as bed is where you want to relax and rest. However, wardrobe or cupboard is also an essential furniture in the bedroom, except if you put the wardrobe in the walking closet. However, no matter where you put your wardrobe, you would always want the beautiful ones to decorate your space. Here below are ten beautiful cupboards that would be able to prettify your space.

Glossy Wardrobe
For a modern room, a glossy wardrobe would be a great accent to add, as seen in this one. The glossy grey surface brings out elegance as well as modern look at once. For a small room, this glossy surface would be able to add some more large effect.

Smooth Green
This one is another beautiful cupboard that would look great for a modern room. The smooth surface makes the best sight in the modern ambiance while the deep green color makes a nice accent to the room. Combined with orange glass pendants, the room looks lightened beautifully.

Shelves Cupboard
Another modern cupboard that would make the room looks amazing is this one here. The cupboard is in neutral grey and completed by lined details. The side of the cupboard is completed with built-in shelves. This setting of shelves-cupboard makes a nice cupboard with great function.

Rattan Accents
If you love something fresh and natural, rattan accents on the cupboard door can make the ambiance feel better. The rattan accents put fresh pattern and texture to the space. This one below looks great when it is combined with natural material or accents.

Simple Grid
This one is another cupboard that will look perfect in a modern bedroom. The green wooden look makes the room feels strong with grid accent that makes the cupboard feels modern with details without making it too much.

Black Gloss
This one here has an interesting look with the combination of black doff on top part of the cupboard while having a glossy finish on the bottom of the cupboard. The black color makes the cupboard looks strong especially with the interesting combination.

Zigzag Door
This interesting cupboard makes a really nice look with its grey modern cupboard and the interesting lines on the door. This makes the room looks amazing and unique in its own simplest way.

Unique Mirror
There are so many cupboard that also provides mirror on the door. This one also one of them. However, the interesting thing about this cupboard is that it has an interesting mirror at front. The uneven mirror brings out an exciting finish to the room.

Wooden Cupboard
For a bedroom with wooden floor, wooden cupboard looks really pretty and amazing, as seen in this one. The different pattern on the cupboard and the floor makes a nice accent without making the space looks crowded as it is really subtle.

Minimalist Green
This is another beautiful green cupboard that would look amazing in the bedroom. The smooth surface is broken by the wooden handler at front.

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