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wooden console table with two drawers, shelf under, round mirror, plants, books, lamp Style Me Pretty

Entrance With Wooden Table With Shelves Under, Pillows, Faux Plants, Vase With Flowers, Rattan Bag
Light Wooden Console Table, White Vases, Pillows, White Table Lamp, White Decoration, Mirror
Entrance With Half Round Wooden Table With Metal Support, Wall Decoration, Sconces, Pillows, Vase
Entrance With Wooden Table With Shelf, Dry Plants, Baskets, Decorations
Entrance With Wooden Bench, Coat Racks, Wooden Table, Candle Cage, Larga Mat
Wooden Simple Bench Table With White Lamp, Rattan Basket, Bag, Round Wall Mirror
Entrance With Half Round Wooden Table With Metal Support, Wall Decoration, Vases,
Entrance With Wooden Simple Basic Table, Vases With Flowers, Round Mirror, Table Lamp
Entrance With Vintage Wooden Table, Wall Decorations, Vases, Basket, Pillow
Wooden Console Table With Two Drawers, Shelf Under, Round Mirror, Plants, Books, Lamp

If you are not please enough to welcome your guest with a simple invitation in your entryways, you can always decorate your entrance with abundance of decorations that will help making a more cozy and inviting look. These one here will give you some ideas where to start.


Vintage Table and Little Decorations

In this picture, you can see that the vintage table creates enough space to make the decoration not too heavy. Little vases, basket, and pillow brings comfort and the wall decoration shows the personality of the house owner.


Little SpotĀ 

Welcoming our guest with our entrance hall can mean introducing our values too. If you’re a believer, you can decorate your entrance with your religion accessories, especially when it comes to festivities.


Welcome Board

Similar to the previous set, this one is possibly taken from the same house. But, you can see that there are slight differences in decorating the table. This one here doesn’t tell any values, just pure beauty with the accent wall decoration, little rattan cups, vase, and plants.


Console with Plants

If you love being calm and natural, you will love decorating your entrance with console table, less decoration, more indoor plants like this one below. The composition of the color is minimalist and refreshing.


Naturally Wood

This one here also apply natural feeling with the wooden bench-like table. To add natural notion, it also put rattan woven basket and bags under the table. The white lamp and round mirror act as a background for this wooden furniture.


Farmhouse Feeling

In this entrance, you can see that it uses both wooden basic table plus wooden bench on two sides that complete each other. The best thing about this entrance is the candle cage decoration that brings entirely different feeling to the entrance: more vintage and farmhouse. Not to mention the knot weave mat that brings the feeling even stronger.


Brings the Plants

If you love the presence of plants without the maintenance care, you will love faux plants. It’s practical, stay longer, and it can be used again for some other time too. You will love wooden table and faux window in your wall so that you can bring everything together in a really fun way.


Dry Natural Decoration

In this picture below, you can see how nature is brought in dried form. From the ashen color of the table, the decoration, even the flower, you will get warm, natural, and muted feeling from this overall look.


Light Ashen Look

Similar to the ashen look from the previous one, this one too apply ashen look but in lighter note. The light colored console table matches perfectly with the white wooden wall, white vases, white table lamp and pillows.


Raw Wooden Console Table

You can go natural even without too many decoration. You can do it with ole or raw looking console table and add a vase of flowers, lamp, and mirror to help you get ready before you go out. It’s practical and beautiful.

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