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bathroom, white bathroom, wooden cabinet with white top, white round sink, wooden shelves, white tiles, indented wall, rug Almost Makes Perfect

Bathroom, White Wall, White Toilet, White Tub, Golden Faucet, Wooden Cabinet, Blue Patterned Floor
Bathroo, Grey Floor, White Wall, White Wall Tiles, White Vanity, White Tub, Round Mirror, Black Pendant
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Planks On Ceiling, Glass Partition, White Tub, White Pendant, Window
Bathroom, White Subway Wall, Glass Partition, White Tub, White Tiny Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Wooden Vanity, Black Metal Pendant
Bathroom, White Bathroom, Wooden Cabinet With White Top, White Round Sink, Wooden Shelves, White Tiles, Indented Wall, Rug
Bathroom, White Polka Dot Patterned Floor, White Tub, White Wall, White Cabinet With White Marble Top, Glass Partition
Bathroom, White Ceiling, White Wall, White Tub, Glass Partition, White Herringbone Floor
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Round Tub, Wooden Cabinet, Golden Pendant
Bathroom, Off White Floor, White Wall, Wite Tub, White Cabinet, White Tiles
Bathroom, White Wall, White Marble Wall, White Marble Round Tub, White Floor, White Chandelier

White is one of the easiest colors that you just can;t wait to put on the entire room. Although bathroom can be moist, that does not stop people from decorating their bathroom in white. It is probably because with white, bathroom is not only a place to cleanse your body but also to relax your mind, especially if you have had a hard day before. These below are ten stunning white modern bathrooms that you will love to get some inspirations.

Blue Accent
In this beautiful modern bathroom, a simple white look is supported from the wall, tub and toilet. And between this white sheet, a modern geometrical blue patterned is presented on the floor. With golden lines and neutral wood cabinet, it is fresh and modern.

Polka Dot Floor
Similar to the previous one, this one also has an interesting pattern on the floor that makes the whole bathroom looks sweet. With white marble top on the cabinet and the white on white setting, this bathroom is especially beautiful.

Round White Tub
This one delivers white bathroom with white round tub to make it more interesting. This round tub looks strong and pronounced around the neutral white surrounding. The wooden cabinet and stool complete the room in neutral look.

White Marble Tub
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts an interesting note in the white marble tub. The white marble background holds the ambiance in a subtle luxury. The pendant above the tub also points the same ambiance.

White Modernity
This bathroom shows a modern look with white marble on the shower and vanity area. To make it look more alive, the bathroom is added with red rug and white accessories.

Modern Rustic
An interesting bathroom is seen below with wooden vaulted ceiling and the ceiling window too. The modern touches of white wall tiles and vanity set a neutral background while the rustic feeling is felt through the dark wooden material.

Sunny Bathroom
In its white on white setting, this bathroom offers a bright look that is also supported by the glass window that makes the entire room lit up. The pendant and tub puts a sweet finish to the bathroom.

Bright and Relaxing
This bathroom below creates a place for more than cleansing but also for some entertainment by bringing a screen on the wall. The simple and neutral white bathroom puts the entire bathroom lit up, especially with the window and the vaulted ceiling.

Cornered Tub
This modern bathroom below has an interesting setting by putting the white tub in the corner but without making the space feels crowded, courtesy of the glass partition and the glass window. Even at night, the pendant above will help the corner looks bright.

Neutral and Bright
In this modern and pretty bathroom, you can see that it is so easy to fall in love with the simplest thing. The simple and neutral setting brings out the best that the space can offer. The room looks bright and large and you still can find everything you need.

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