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Kitchen does not only function as the place to cook some foods. For some people, kitchen can be the most splendid place to enjoy the meals and welcome guest in more comfortable feeling. The ideas of white galley kitchen can provide you an inspiration in designing modern elegant touch of kitchen even with limited available space.

Large Window Ceiling

This idea of kitchen introduces you with the elegance of white mostly used. The combination of grey wooden floor, large window ceiling and outdoor direct touch will blend you more to the nature, making you feel homier while preparing the meals.

Perfect Blue and White Mix

This is another divine idea of mixed colors of white and blue. The furniture, ceiling and the floor are mostly strong white some touch of blue in pendant skylights and the backsplash. The blended colors facing the green view are perfect source of inspiration.

Bar-like White Kitchen

Beside the glossy white-colored furniture, this concept offers your great excitement of being in the bar-like place. Look! The mirror bar lights and the small wine racked storage are so much refreshing.

Classy Black and White

This concept is indoor kitchen with its white glossy flat-panel cabinet and the adorable glass black backsplash. You will never regret the luxury of this idea added by the gorgeous ceiling lamp and the countertops.

Simple yet Gorgeous Concept

With its glassy tiled backsplash and dark wooden cabinet, this concept reveals the beauty of simplicity.

Adorable Flooring

The key point of inspiration in this kitchen is there are only two dominant colors: white and strong brown. The adorable patterned hardwood floor and the white cabinet are perfect match enjoying the open-air space.

With Light Wooden Features

The modern outlook comes from the white flat-panel cabinet blended with the light wooden floor and dining table. The touch of wire mesh black chairs and a black pendant light are other alluring features you should consider.

U-Shaped White Cabinet

You will feel unique sensation of u-shaped white cabinet and tracking lights in this kitchen. The long-standing shelves of wine storage and dining table with wooden top are the inspiration of your future customized kitchen.

Chalk Painted Wall

For you who have limited space allocated for your kitchen, this model could suit you. The large mirror will make the kitchen look more spacious. The chalk painted black wall is additional point embellishing your room.

Brick Wall

The combination of grey brick and white cabinet feels classic yet still contemporary. The refreshing points are the large window wall and window ceiling enabling you to enjoy the outdoor view.

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