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In this new year, every one wants to start new. They want to start from the empty slate. And for that, here below are some inspirations so have new fresh start in the living room. Some clean paper to start the year with. Of course, comfortably.

Comfortable White
White is one of the neutral colors that can be easily matched with other colors. When it combines with neutral wood and open brick, it looks clean and tidy in white but with some hints of warmth from the rustic notions.

White Low
Because white can give a clean look, it can help a room to look wider and feel brighter. Seen in the picture below is a a room with low ceiling that looks wide and airy with its white wall, ceiling, furniture, and most importantly, large glass windows that let everything looks brighter.

Fluffy Sofa
Although white can look cold and stark, it too can feel comfortable when it chooses the right characters. Seen here is a room with white wooden wall and floor that furbished with white fluffy sofa that looks so ready to wait you to lie around. The rattan accent makes the room feels more traditional too. Thus, more comfortable.

Elegant White
Another thing that can be done with white is being elegant. White can easily make a room looks elegant with the color itself. Seen in the picture below is a room with white furniture looks incredibly beautiful.

Relaxing Cream
The kind of white that makes a room go cold is the stark white. However, with more creamy white, a room can look more comfortable and combined with the right furniture, it can looks amazingly snuggly.

Sophisticated White
As white is a neutral color, it is easy to go from white to any style, even the ones involving colorful tones. To make a sophisticated look, white can help you easily. Seen in the picture is a living room with white sofa, walls, chairs, combined with thin metal look in the tables and windows. The fluffy pillows add a great touch too.

Warm White
Similar with the previous one, this one here shows a great warmth of the use of white color. This room looks great with its white comfortable sofa in a room with perfect light shaded by white roman shade. The wooden touch on the table and racks create more natural look.

Familiar White
Another way to make white room feels really comfortable is a personal touch for the room. In the picture below, it seen from the children’s picture. It shows a personal feeling to the room.

Pleasant White
The next thing to make a white room feels comfortable is to create a classic and traditional look. With traditional or farmhouse-inspired room, even white can look so amazingly comfortable.

Modern White
Another look that goes really well with white color is modern style. With a style that upholds simplicity and neutral look, white has always been the easiest. Seen in this picture is a modern look with amazing sleek lines on the sofa without back. Completed with acrylic swing chair, this one is nothing but wide, airy, and modern.

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