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bathroom, white marble ont he floor, wall, patterned ceiling, chandelier, white tub, golden faucet, wooden stol The Spruce

Bathroom, White Marble Ont He Floor, Wall, Patterned Ceiling, Chandelier, White Tub, Golden Faucet, Wooden Stol
Bathroom, Off White Marble On The Wall And Floor, White Ceiling, White Tub, Window
Bathroom, Dark Wooden Floor, White Marble Wall, White Wall, Crystal Chandelier, White Tub, White Shade
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Grey Tiny Fish Scale Tiles On The Floor And Wall, White Tub, Golden Faucet
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Marble Wall, Round Mirror With LED Light On The Back, Floating Vanity With White Top
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Marble On The Floor And Wall, Floating Marble Shelves, Window
Bathroom, White Herringbone Floor Tiles, White Wall, Grey Marble On The Wall And Window Frame, White Cabinet With Grey Top, Grey Wooden Ceiling
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Toilet, Grey Vanity With Marble Top, Beige Wall, Star Pendant, Clear Bulb Pendants
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, Long Wooden Cabinet, White Marble Wall, Mirrors, Beige Wall, Glass Pendants
Bathroom, Marble Floor, Marble Patterned Floor, White Marble Wall, Flower Glass Widow, Clear Glass Pendant, White Cupboard, White Tub

Marble has been one of the most expensive natural materials in interior. And that is understandable as marble has been a beauty in itself with its subtle reflection and natural pattern. Because of its beauty, marble can make a room look elegant and luxurious. And when it’s white marble, it can look even more graceful. And it can be installed in any room you want to add more grace. The use of white marble on the bathroom can be seen in these beautiful bathrooms.

Pretty Patterns
Even a small space like this vanity can look really glamorous with white marble on the wall. A round mirror addition with LED ring lights behind makes the vanity looks amazing.

Symmetrical Pattern
Marble can have random pattern and it’s already pretty. But, marble with symmetrical pattern can make it unique. In this bathroom with symmetrical pattern, the bathroom divides into two parts completes with mirrors and pendants.

Marble on the Wall
This bathroom also looks rich with dark wooden floor, beige wall, and white marble on the wall. The interesting thing is that on the bathtub area, the white marble is cut and adds more edge to the elegant room.

Herringbone Marble
Marble is used uniquely in this bathroom. First, it is used in modern way on the floor with herringbone pattern. And then, grey marble is used on part of the wall, window frame, and vanity top. The combination is pretty and the cut marble is beautiful.

Dark Pattern
The marble in this bathroom shows a really gorgeous pattern. The dark lines upon the white surface looks bewitching. Combined with neutral colored floor, wall, and vanity, the pattern looks even more pop out.

Surrounded by Marble
While the previous ones uses marble as decorative tiles, this one here on more serious mode using marble as floor and wall. The room looks cool and looks like a great place to relax.

Luxurious Marble
In this luxurious bathroom, gorgeous details have been added to strengthen the look. The patterned floor that matches the pattern of the window, the glass pendant that gives bewitching shadow, and the marble on the wall are some that is seen.

Rich Vibe
Similar to the previous one, this one here also looks so luxurious with its glossy white marble on the wall and floor. The large window brings perfect subtle reflection from the marble. Added with simple chandelier, this room has become so enchanting.

Minimalist Marble
For a minimalist bathroom, marble can strengthen the natural vibe while giving some details on the pattern without making it complicated. This look below is perfect for those who love modern and minimalist style.

Tiny Fish Scales
This bathroom brings a pretty and interesting look with the fish scale tiles on the floor and wall. However, although it brings textured and details to the room, it does not change the minimalism the white marble brings to the room.

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