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brown rattan console table with three drawers Houzz

Dark Brown Rattan Console Table
White Wooden Table With Three Cabinet Two In Rattan Basket And One In Wooden Cabinet
Ood Table With Wicker Drawers
Woven Rattan Console Table
Simple Woven Rattan Console Table
Wood And Rattan Table With Two Drawers
Wicker Table With Steel Legs With Glass Top
Brown Rattan Console Table With Three Drawers
Wooden Table With Steel Legs And Three Rattan Drawers
A Serving Cabinet With Turtle Wood And Two Rattan Drawers

Choosing furniture is like choosing someone you want to be together with for a long time. It’s not really like a spouse but it’s more like a roommate. And you want to be with the best furniture that you can stand to be with. It means that you need to choose your furniture that describe you the best. If you are more a natural person, you might like decorating your room with furniture from nature, like wood or wicker.

Thus, if you haven’t found console table in your living room or bedroom, you might want to check these out.

Bamboo Legged Console

This one is designed for you who love nature completely. The body of the table is from wicker with bamboo as the edges and the legs too.

Crossed Bamboo Legged Table

This one is similar with the previous one but the legs are made crossed. And the drawer, instead of three, is only one.

White Wooden Console Table

This one is made of wood but has three drawers, in the middle is made from wood while the others are from rattan.

Brown Console Table

This one is mixed of wood, rattan, and bamboo. The two drawers are made of wood which makes the top is also from wood. However, the basket inside is from rattan. Furthermore, the legs are made of bamboo.

Rattan Bamboo Shelves

This one is another option for you. This one is really simple. You can put your TV on top and DVD or CD player at the bottom rack. It is made of woven rattan.

Turtle Wood Serving Table

This one is really ergonomic. It functions for three purposes: to serve, to keep, and to put. You can serve snacks and drink, you can keep your belongings in the drawers, and you can put your book and magazine on the bottom rack.

Wooden Table with Rattan Drawers

This one is made of wood but there are three drawers with wicker accent.

Black Simple Rattan Table

This one is almost similar with the brown one. However, the difference is that this one use glass as the top.

Compact Console Table

This one is really ergonomic. You can see from the shape and design. The material is wood but with two big baskets made of rattan at the bottom.

Slender Woven Wicker Table

You can use it as console table or coffee table because it is simply gorgeous to be put anywhere.

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