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window nook, blue wall, white framed window, white floating shelves The Spruce

Window Way, White Wall, White Framed Window, Wooden Floor, White Chairs, White Rug, Glass Coffee Table
Window Nook, White Floor, Black Wall, White Framed Mirror, Round Table, Black Window Nook, Yellow Cushion, Yellow Chairs, Black Pendant
Window Nook, Wooden Chevron Floor, Black Floating Bench, Wooden Table, Glass Window
Window Bay, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Chairs, White Ottoman, Wooden Side Table, Arch
Window Nook, Blue Wall, White Framed Window, White Floating Shelves
Window Bay, White Wall, White Framed Window, White Iron Framed Pendant, Grey Sofa, Brown Leather Chairs, Round Coffee Table, Grey Rug
Window Bay, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Cream Wall, Black Framed Window, Brown Round Table, Black Modern Chair
Window Bay, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bench With Pillows, White Built In Shelves
Window Bay, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Framed Window, Black Iron Sofa Bed, Black Wooden Coffee Table
Corner Window, White Cushion, White Blue Wall, Pillows

When you have windows at home, you might only think of it as a thing that gives you abundance of light, warmth as well as fresh air. However, window can actually give so much more than that. It can give a place to relax and enjoy your reading or just a cup of tea. With glass window, you can create an incredible place to hang out while also making your house feels more comfortable. If you’re looking for some inspirations to get started, here below is a compilation of window bays to help you.

Fun Nook
This window nook looks amazing. The black walls bring the yellow details on the nook cushion looks stronger and therefore more fun. The yellow chair completed the black vibe in a beautiful and cheerful look.

White Sitting Bay
This small window bay makes an interesting and simple bay. You can build a bench for a reading nook but if you prefer something more flexible, you might just feel white chairs and ottoman like this are enough.

Bright Dining
Another function you can create in a window nook is dining room. Dining nook can bring people closer and it is not too formal that you can feel really comfortable. With bright light from the tall glass window, you would love to have your breakfast here as it will help you wake up faster and fresher.

Living Room Beside
This window bay has a simple setting with rattan shade on it. The living room gives a comfortable setting with sofa bed and simple coffee table. This effortless living room will give you a comfortable and relaxing time.

Bright Living Room
Also putting up a comfortable living room, this one below is more comfortable and elegant than the previous one. The glass itself has detailed pattern on the surface that makes it look pretty while the ceiling also shows an intricate and pretty details. Although, the seats are all simple and comfortable.

Fresh Relaxing Spot
This window bay makes a really fresh and bright sitting spot. With two white simple chairs, the window bay looks neutral and easy in the eye.

Dining Spot
While you can put dining nook, you can also put a dining set in the window bay. This small area would be a great place to start the day with your breakfast and news reading. Seen in this one, the window bay is completed with modern and simple dining set.

On the Stairs
Who said you can only have window bay in the living room? This one here creates an amazing use of the landing’s corner. It creates a beautiful and comfortable reading nook, completed with built-in shelves on the side.

Reading Spot
This one here is not so much as a window nook or bay but this one has given a fun and exciting area to the kids to read. This small area is painted blue and completed with floating shelves that enable the kids to grab their book easily. The colorful curtain makes a fun and exciting detail.

Corner Window
This one is similar to the previous one, it gives children a fun and bright place to read. With simple corner glass window and cushion on the floor, children can get a great way enjoying their books.

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