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white window seat, wide round table, blue cushion, pillows, wooden floor, white storage, grey sofa, grey bench Studio Binnen

Window Bay, White Built In Bench, White Built In Shelves, Black Tufted Cushion, Black Trimmed Window, Grey Cushion
White Window Seat, Wide Round Table, Blue Cushion, Pillows, Wooden Floor, White Storage, Grey Sofa, Grey Bench
Window Seat, White Bench, Grey Cushion, Colorful Pilows, White Window, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Grey Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table
Wooden Corner Bench With Pillows, White Wall, Grey Floor
Black Box Window Seat, Wooden Floor, Black Cushion, White Cabinet, White Pillows
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Bed With Striped Bedding, Window Bay, Wooden Seating With Cushion, Large Glass Wall
Window Seat, White Floor, Grey Wall, White Window Seat, Grey Cushion, White Bookshelves
Window Seat In The Corner, White Bench, White Wall, White Ceiling, Large Window, Ceiling Window, White Shelves
Window Seat In The Corner, Large Window, Yellow Suchion, With Shelves Bottom
Window Seat In The Corner, White Storage, Wooden Floor, Colorful Pillows

Having window bay or window nook can be a really exciting thing. With window nook, it means that we have enough large window and that also means that we get enough light to shine in the room and bring warmth and energy inside. Sitting around the window can also be relaxing especially in a really bad weather where you cannot go anywhere but you want to go outside. With window nook, you’d be able peering outside the window with a cup of… coffee? Chocolate? Or tea? It’s your pick. And here below are ten incredible window bays that you can get some ideas from.

On a Simple Window
Window nook can be built in any room. This one here is in the bedroom with minimalist touch. The window nook is placed near a simple window with cushion and pillows. It would be a perfect place to read.

Cornered Nook
In this corner, you would be able to relax and see around the view in more wide angle. The simple bench is practical too with some storage below the seat. It’s perfect to indulge yourself with some conversation.

Black Box
This black box window bay puts a very interesting seat that will give you a feeling of private space. The black color looks strong among the neutral interior look.

Part of the Living Room
In this one, the window nook is part of the living room’s seating that it is a convenient if more seats are needed. This one here is combined with neutral and cozy look.

Warm Yellow
As yellow can both be fun cheerful and warm, having yellow on the window seat can boost the cozy feeling by the look of it, like seen in this one. The simple corner bench makes the while view pretty and friendly too.

Minimalist Bench
This minimalist corner bench looks so pretty along with the wooden bench under the top and the matching minimalist ambiance around it. The windows on the corner make you can see the view around the corner.

Bright Corner
Positioned in the corner, this white window bench does not follow the shape of the window. However, it still makes a comfortable seating anyway. With small table in the middle, the bench is practical too. The glass windows on the wall and ceiling brings bright light inside easily.

Cozy Cushion
A comfortable window seat is necessary when you want to use the seat to relax, read, ponder, or even have some conversation. This one shows the perfect look with comfortable cushion, white shelves on the reach of the hand, and tray table.

Seat Added
As a window nook, this one here is also an added seat to the small living room. Designed in a small and modern look, this window seat compliments the living room perfectly well. Not only offering seat, the window bay also offers curvy window table.

Simplest Seat
In this window, the seat is only an addition to the room but it’s simple and modern design makes it an inviting seat by the window still.

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